Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day One

Well I am back in New Orleans working. I don't want to say too much yet since it's only been a day. I can honestly say that allot is different around this place. I have been here for one whole day and the only person I saw that I know is the fool I am staying with. Its just not a good place to be in my opinion. It's just not comfortable like it used to be. You know, before Katrina, New Orleans was a real comfortable spot for people that lived here. It might not have been that clean or that organized but it always felt like you were at your mama's house. Only people from New Orleans will understand what I am talking about. Now, it feels like a strange place that I don't really know. Maybe I should go on the Westbank and see how it is over there. I am staying downtown and it is not pleasing. If it wasn't for the job and the bills and the baby I would not be here. The week may get better as it goes along.

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