Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mind Blowing Volume 27

I went to New Orleans yesterday and I have to ask the question. Does anyone care about the neighborhoods where my people lived? The researchers have already proved that the levees failed because the assholes built them wrong. I just posted the article. The least they could do for the citizens of the city now is spend as much money as possible to make our lives as normal as possible and to compensate the families that lost love ones. It won't bring anyone back to life but it's the right thing to do. Hurricane Katrina did more to kill my patriotism, state and civil pride in one day then any other stupid thing over 31 years.

Mayor Nagin has lost his damn mind. The man needs a break. I got an issue with Ray Nagin saying God wants New Orleans to be a chocolate city when all the chocolate neighborhoods are rotting away. It might be a chocolate city but the vanilla side is pretty comfortable right now. Honestly, I don't have any illusions of a bunch of successful black people (except for Oprah, Kevin Garnett and Master P) putting together a whole bunch of money to help "chocolate" people rebuild their lives after the storm so we are going to need some "vanilla" help. Lots of them lost allot of shit too. I think Ray just is caught in the middle of a divided stressed out city. It's his own fault for appointing a commission full of rich people and letting them suggest that we can't rebuild and come home. He should have never let that commission present that to the public while everyone is still struggling.

I saw Shaq give a Kobe a hug last night and I was glad he became the bigger man and took that step. In this day and age when black men go to heaven for stepping on someone's shoes or because some young jackass wanted to try out his new gun, it's good that two role models can let go off something that didn't kill anyone. Even if it was symbolic and Shaq really wanted to kick his ass I thought it was great. Kobe is now emotionally free to score 50 points a night for the rest of the season and get the MVP I predicted.

I wish I was the head of the FCC for about a week. I would make it a mandate that every black person under the age of 50 watch a rerun of the Boondocks episode Sunday when Martin Luther King wakes up from his coma in 2001. The speech he gives at the end is so accurate and true. The only thing wrong with it is Aaron Magruder is a cartoonist and not Colin Powell or Condeleeza Rice saying this in real life. If the Boondocks was a show with real actors instead of a cartoon it never would have made it past the first three shows. America just ain't ready for Aaron to keep it as real as he does unless they can pretend it's make believe.

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