Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Told Ya'll They Didn't Have The Money

It's not often I highlight when I was right but last month I wrote a post called "Wishing The Money Was Already Here". It was about the new Nickelodeon theme park in New Orleans East. I was basically saying how stories like that always got our hopes up and either never happened or took years to happen. Here is a paragraph.

I am sure every New Orleans resident can name at least three exciting things they were looking forward to that never came to be because someone announced it before they had all the funding to pay for it. I won't give you a list but I will say that a drive to the coast to hang out at the beach isn't far but Lincoln Beach would have been five minutes away from my house if that would have ever opened. I think it's still supposed to one day as soon as we get the cash. The theme park is relying on GO-Zone Bonds to pay for everything but I can't believe that will pay for everything. Someone is going to have to kick in some real money. That's my worry for these other projects that are not on the FEMA list of things to pay for. I'm not saying that people who want to do big projects shouldn't make plans and try to get them completed just keep it to yourself if you can’t pay for it.
Tonight I read this story about the theme park hitting a snag and I thought to myself that they were going to end this fantasy quickly for a change. According to the story even though Nickelodeon has their name on the project they didn't have to kick in any money. That seems crazy because I am sure they get a cut of the profits. The park may still be coming because it does say at the end of the story that Southern Star does have the money to pay the fee it needs just to request the bonds to pay for the park. Maybe he'll get approved and complete the project before I collect social security. The reason for this post is not to show off about being right. I made this post to show why we don't get excited for new things and question stuff so much. We've been getting excited for nothing our whole life.

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vmm said...

The story of our lives in NOLA: New Charity - don't have the money; City Hall - don't have the money; Jazz Park at Superdome - don't have the money; World Trade Center redevelopment - don't have the money; real housing for returning NOLA residents - don't have the money. . . I was with you on your original post. So much so I didn't say anything about it to my kids so they don't need to suffer the usual disappointment.