Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wishing The Money Was Already Here

Southern Star Amusements and Nickelodeon announced their plans to build a theme park in New Orleans East. Personally, I like the plans for the sports complex better because I think it has a better chance of working in the long term. Even though the last two companies that tried to make an amusement park work in that same spot failed miserably, the Nickelodeon name behind it should help this one do better. If the city and the state get behind it and spend the money to promote it properly they could get the 1.2 million visitors needed to break even. When Jazz Land was open you didn't know you were near it until you were almost passed the one exit that leads you to it. The city as a whole could use another 600 permanent jobs too. There is no downside to 600 more people working especially if they are living in the city. I'm trying to keep it as positive as possible but I really wish they had the money to pay for this upfront before announcing it.

I am sure every New Orleans resident can name at least three exciting things they were looking forward to that never came to be because someone announced it before they had all the funding to pay for it. I won't give you a list but I will say that a drive to the coast to hang out at the beach isn't far but Lincoln Beach would have been five minutes away from my house if that would have ever opened. I think it's still supposed to one day as soon as we get the cash. The theme park is relying on GO-Zone Bonds to pay for everything but I can't believe that will pay for everything. Someone is going to have to kick in some real money. That's my worry for these other projects that are not on the FEMA list of things to pay for. I'm not saying that people who want to do big projects shouldn't make plans and try to get them completed just keep it to yourself if you can’t pay for it.

My co-workers have been upset all day after watching this clip from YouTube where this kid's family gives him a gift that appears to be an X-Box but has nothing but clothes in it. I was thinking that this is how I feel every time I see a sign that says 'Future Home of Something Really Cool' and then the let down kicks in when a year later the lot is still empty and grass is growing over everything. The only difference between the sad baby on this clip and adult residents of a city is that eventually they get tired of that happening over and over and move to where they don’t have to wait. Just for the record, history makes me feel right about my opinion but I am really waiting for something to show me I need to change my way of thinking.


Anita said...

Oh, my Lord, Cliff, I made the mistake of looking at that clip. They actually laughed at his unbearable disappointment -- I can't even believe it. How could they? How can this child ever trust them again?

Clifton said...

Wasn't that sad? I was fussing at my desk all day.

Slate said...

My god, Cliff, I'm an idiot. I just watched that clip and am sitting at my desk sobbing. How incredibly vicious, and that little boy's face broke my heart. If I knew where he was I'd buy him the XBox myself somehow. How could they think that would be funny to a little boy? Oh geez. I'm gonna cry all night now. Bless his heart. I want to smack the shit out of the alleged grownups there.