Friday, September 4, 2009

Sitting On My Porch Part Thirty Two

After a week of feeling out of it and looking for a humbug (that means confrontation for you non New Orleans Ebonics readers) I am just about ready to hit the highway for some Labor Day weekend family time. It should be good food; good conversation and my cousin will get a belly laugh from making fun of me about something that happened when I was ten. I can’t wait. Before I go I thought I might as well waste some of this precious Internet bandwidth with my meaningless opinions.

My post about Charity Hospital was my second most read blog ever. I want to give a shout out to my boy The World Famous E. and the rest of the folks at the Save Charity Hospital movement as well as the other groups working towards this. That was not about you guys. I didn't think about the name of my post and your organization being that similar. You are the exception to the rule. There were 1200 people at the second line this week but there are about 400,000 residents in the city. Most of those people don’t have a hospital close to their neighborhood. That means the 1200 should have been 120,000 at the least. I was talking to the rest of us that weren’t out there. I don’t mind including myself in that number. That was just general frustration.

This is the reason I wrote what I did. Once his mind is made up there isn't a big history of him changing it.

The president wants to talk to the children of America about working hard and staying in school and people go crazy. These are some of the same people who will be complaining about how their tax dollars have to support all the lazy uneducated folks that didn’t go to school so they could find work. I say to those folks that you should make up your damn minds. Some of you should just say you don’t want the black guy influencing your children. That last statement would have so much impact if a white Republican official went on Fox News and said it. I know a lot of them are thinking it but they don't want to say anything and rock the boat.

I am glad the Nazi agenda put forth by our democratically elected leader has been limited to health care for everyone and kids going to school. Who knows what would happen if Barack Obama went one step further to put American freedoms at jeopardy and did something really crazy. What if he would do something like sign a bill that gave the government authority to check your emails, phone records, medical and financial records among other things whenever they felt like it all in the name of “national security”. If you think he’s a Nazi now for wanting to take care of the uninsured, imagine what would happen if he signed a law like this. Knowing how much he hates American values he would really piss us off and call it “The Patriot Act” just to mock our idea of freedom. I don't know about you but I feel so much better knowing that the same watchdogs who are making sure I have the freedom to keep paying my private insurer anything they think I should pay are on the case to make sure that a law like this would never happen during my lifetime.

I know President Obama has made up his mind to stay above all the rhetoric going on and that’s good but I would like to suggest that he needs a henchman to take care of his dirty work. One of the best friends I ever had was a crazy young man named Renaldo (1974-1993). I remember in high school when I had a disagreement with someone and he would offer to fight the cat for me so I wouldn’t get suspended and ruin my reputation in the school. I never took him up on that offer but Barack needs someone like that and his name is Al Sharpton. It’s time Reverend Al. We need someone that knows how to get in there and scrap. We don't need the kinder gentler Al Sharpton either. We need the chubby, jogging suit wearing, attack anybody who isn't down for the cause Reverend Al. This is the environment he's been training to thrive in for all these years.

Even with some of the foolishness going on this is kind of mild compared to what I really expected from the first black president. I was thinking he would be walking around in a bulletproof bubble by now and a few thousand people would be on Ellis Island asking to go home. Glen Beck is saving that one for when his ratings start dipping again.

Every now and then I will get an email from someone asking me to show some love for an organization or a person they want to give a little spotlight to. I usually check it out and if they seem like cool people I show them off to all ten of my regular readers. I was thinking that if I could do that then it should be okay to show some love to a few friends and send people to their businesses because they are good people and I can personally vouch for their integrity. With that in mind I would like to tell any one that was thinking about getting a facial or something like that to check out my friends at Esthetique Facial Spa. If you want to check out some nice jewelry check out my friend Niala and her Contemporary Cowrie.

A few weeks ago I told everyone about this social networking site called My Heart Beats New Orleans. The young lady that set it up did it as a way to open dialogue about the crime and murder that was claiming her city. Last month on August 14 her dad was murdered. If you have an extra minute do me a favor and go to that page to show her some love. This video is dedicated to Mr. Etienne, a brother name Lance and my late friend Renaldo since I mentioned him in this post. We have to put the guns down one day.


Mzflo said...

This is a great article! The rethuglicans have done a bang up job wrangling their sheeple into line for slaughter.

My favorite healthcare quote by a not so bright rethuglican protester: "You keep your socialist hands off my medicare! We don't want [the] government controlling our healthcare." ROFLMAO

Red said...

OMG! Every Renaldo I've ever known loves to get in that A$$! why is that??


hey cliff.

just wanted to say hey and i'm glad you are still blogging the porch series.

for what it's worth, your post's open my mind.

take care man.