Monday, September 21, 2009

48 Points in Philly Is Nothing To Sneeze At

I know it's only the second game of the season but that was impressive. Let's not forget that Kevin Kolb did have three interceptions but two of those were after we already scored 41 points against the defense lots of experts are predicting will play in the Superbowl. Those interceptions had nothing to do with us hanging over 40 points on The Eagles.

I still think Reggie Bush is the X factor in going far into the playoffs but I was watching Drew Brees on his interviews before and after the game and if we don't win a championship in the next three years while that guy is in his prime I don't think it will ever happen. To put it plainly, the Saints just don't have a history of getting leaders like that who embrace being here. I think he's so committed to it that the rest of the team has no choice but to follow along. I don't care if he breaks records or not because I don't think he really cares as long as we get to Miami.

I'm not getting ahead of myself but man would that be sweet!


K. said...

You won't hear me sneezing. I am, however, still smarting from the absolute butt kicking the Seahawks took from the Niners yesterday.

Mike Singletary has those guys charged up! I don't know that the Niners can play with the same intensity for an entire season, but it was more than enough yesterday. They knocked four of our guys out of the game -- including Matt Hasselbeck -- the old-fashioned way: With plain old hard hitting.

Clifton said...

The 49er's play an aggressive and physical style of football that I like.

jeffrey said...

Eh. That game could have gone either way if not for those two Philly turnovers early in the second half.

The key to this team is keeping Bell healthy. He's the only back who runs with any authority.