Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Being Ugly For No Damn Reason

Whenever there is a clear example of uniformed stupidity coming through an internet comment we should take the chance to spotlight it. I believe in judging things based on what I see and what I know. I have been to many functions concerning the homeless and less fortunate in my city and sometimes the only reporter that shows up is Bill Capo of WWL. If he's not the only one he is always the first one. Some of these issues wouldn't get mainstream media attention if it wasn't for Mr. Capo. His reporting has helped a lot of people from all walks of life.

Tonight I was reading a story that was a follow-up to another story he did about school uniforms. The Adopt A Family program has raised $7000 so far and according to the story it adds up to helping 140 kids. Who wouldn't feel good about that? 140 kids getting new uniforms is 140 kids without an excuse to stay home and fall behind. That is never a bad thing no matter where you live. You know all of that money didn't come from the neighborhoods where the poor kids live so it should have been a rare moment outside of a sporting event where everyone could have a sense of community. Wouldn't you know I looked at the comment section and the first comment is from someone called 'buytheplace' who leaves the following words of wisdom:

"And Capo and WWL are soooooooo proud of themselves. So if WWL is such a benefactor, how about donating the other 100 still needed. I love the A+ student bit. WWL and McDonald's donate ALL OF $400 to the student's school!! If that isn't blatant boasting! You want to make a difference WWL and McDonald's?? Donate a couple of grand."

I find it amazing he or she would be so concerned with the kids of New Orleans because he left a comment on another story that went something like this.

"The entire city JUST SUCKS!! It just stinks to the core. There isn't any part of the city that isn't corrupt or savaged."

Why is he so worried about Bill Capo and his helping the savages anyway? Now if that didn't trip me out enough, the follow up comment was someone called pyt92 who posted the following to assist someone that thinks they are savage:


I could not have said it better. They want to glorify these people making minuscule donations. The faculty and staff of John McDonogh and many other public schools have been doing this for years. We have purchased uniforms, shoes, clothes, food, paid rent, etc. If you are going to celebrate, celebrate the efforts of the many not the few. John McDonogh has done a great job trying to live down the lies (yes lies) that were told by the media in 2006. Celebrate that! Do not come to celebrate individuals who are doing a “drive-by” (pardon the choice of words). Celebrate those who sacrifice EVERYDAY for ALL students!

That's where we are folks. The internet has allowed bigots and fools from all walks of life to come together in the agreement that they just want to be negative and miserable about everything. Where are we headed as a community when people diss Bill Capo for helping kids go to school. I wonder if people would say some of these stupid things if they had to leave their first and last name. Everybody that reads this knows my name. Every time I say something that makes me sound like an asshole I have to own it. I wish everyone else did too.


Mark said...

Now that last one to me sounds like a burned out teacher or administrator and I'm ready to give them a little slack to say something stupid once in a while as long as they don't say it to a student or a parent.

As for the rest, I am trying very hard to stay out of the NOLA.Com comments section. Those people just make me crazy and I am way over my quotient of crazy for this year already.

Leigh C. said...

The "upgrades" Advance Internet may be trying to put on might put some checks on these people for posting such crap, but nothing will beat good ol' fashioned moderation....unless money is tied to it somehow.

Now there's MY cynicism for you.

As for the school unis, one child at a time...and it sounds like Adopt A Family is working toward that goal of all of those needy kids. Something like this can only bring more attention to what their goal is and help them meet it. Putting out one's frustrations at the work not yet done ought to be followed by doing something about it...which is what I hope that commenter will do instead of griping further.

The Book said...

talk about a giving spirit huh? ..

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

People with the least do what they can with what they have to help each other. That never ceases to amaze me.
Adopt-A-Family does so much with what they have, as you say, one child at a time.
WWL works for the people of New Orleans.

Anytime people pick on this sort of thing and show up so closely aligned in a comments section, my Turf'dar goes dingdingdingding! Astro-turfers always work in pairs to bump each other's commentary. They are different than trolls because they are paid to disparage a particular target.
Most trolls are idiots, I mean, sometimes you can almost tell what neighborhood they are coming from.
These two folks are not idiots, and nor are their comments ignorant.
But, What could be the target here and where is the pay-off?
Right off the bat I would say WWL's coverage of RSD issues, which they are pretty on top of.
The opposite of Charter would be my next guess.
"Drive by" racial smear would be my third. That one is plain as the nose on Jim Crow's face.

Great post.

Loye said...

I don't understand why news stories need a comment section. Opinions and editorials, okay. But what am I supposed to add to news of a traffic accident on Chef Highway? I've read so many comments on nola dot com about various murders on the streets of New Orleans, and the commenters actually celebrate the death of the victims. It is truly sad.