Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Search of Reggie's Confidence

Regardless of what happened in last week’s game I am still on the Reggie Bush bandwagon. I believe he is the X factor between a good season and a Super Bowl season. We need to get Reggie his confidence back. I thought he needed a nice lady from downtown but someone told me he was back with Kim Kardashian again so that option is off the table. Reggie used to have swagger. He walked on the field like he was the man. Now he walks out there like he’s hoping he doesn’t do something stupid to mess up the game. I know how it is to lose your confidence and it’s hard to get it back. I think Reggie needs some of whatever Kanye West has to get him going again. We don’t need the crazy part of Kanye just the confident part. I’m dedicating this song to Reggie Bush and I feel at least 150 total yards and two touchdowns coming. We will need his A game tomorrow because the Eagles defense is not Detroit and I don’t think we will play pitch and catch like that. My prediction is Saints 27 Eagles 20. If Mcnabb isn’t 100 percent we should be the better team.

Where’s your ego Reggie? Forget those boos and your detractors and handle your business!

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Anonymous said...

Reggie has found some of his confidence today