Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Get to Play Against Ricky

The man on the picture above holding the jersey is Errick Lynne Williams Jr. but people call him Ricky. A long time ago the Saints had a coach named Iron Mike. He's the man looking crazy in the rasta wig. Iron Mike gave up an entire draft and another number one pick to take Ricky. I remember being in Galveston, Texas for the Galveston Beach Party that weekend of the draft. All the guys I was with were just sitting in the hotel room, watching ESPN and shaking their heads wondering why we traded our entire draft for one dude. My boy Black Chris started screaming at the television “Is this moth#r fu%^#r gonna play defense too because all of them are garbage!” You had to love the Ditka years. It was a good thing there were girls in bikinis walking up and down the strip to take our minds off of that trade for a few days. Ricky hired Master P’s company as his agent and signed one of the most ridiculous contracts ever. He also made the decision to pose for a magazine cover with Iron Mike while wearing a wedding dress. Things went downhill from there. Ricky kept getting hurt and Iron Mike’s teams sucked. He got fired and we hired this stupid coach named Jim Haslett. Jim Haslett didn’t care for Ricky so he drafted this guy name Deuce. Deuce became a local hero and Ricky got traded for two first round picks. After ten years Ricky is playing in Miami, Iron Mike is on ESPN, Haslett is coaching in a minor league, and the great Deuce McAllister has three bad knees.

Ricky Williams gets to play against the Saints and I have a feeling he wants to show us all what we missed out on. We played Miami in 2005 with Ricky as their running back during the Katrina season but everyone had their minds on other things during that time. He and Ronnie Brown run the wildcat offense so well that it looks like they invented it. It's really hard to tell which way the play is going and it keeps defenses off balance. Many people are picking Miami to win because they beat up on the last two teams they played with the wildcat and they should have beaten Indianapolis but Peyton Manning scored every time he touched the ball and got the win. The Saints didn’t do well against the wildcat when they played Philly earlier so it worries me a little but I don’t think Miami can do anything to stop our offense. I think we score every possession and win the game 24-14. They will probably have a few good plays on offense but so far our defense has shown we can come up with big plays when we need them. I just wrote a scenario that would have us undefeated playing New England on November 30 but I erased it. I was getting carried away. We won’t look any farther than today’s game and take it one week at a time.

There is no mention of Reggie Bush this week. He already knows.


rakeback said...

Ricky Williams was dominant against the Saints today. He continues to play well even after 10 years in the league, an amazing feat by a running back.

K. said...

What a barn burner! We got only the end of the game out here, but I saw enough to know that I had really missed something.

Deb said...

...and beat him!! Congrats Cliff!!