Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Can't Hire Everybody

You learn new things as you progress more in life. For the last two weeks I have been learning that I am not cut out to hire and fire people. Well, maybe I can if I had more than only one part time position to offer. Having only one minimal position to give to someone means having to sift through dozens of resumes full of qualified people and try to figure out who needs it most. I can’t interview everybody. Interviews suck if all the people are really good and likable. I have been in that spot before. I was unemployed with a baby and sent my resume to every job I could. I got a few interviews and most of them sucked because I was too scared to say the wrong thing. Then you have to go home and figure out if these losers are going to call you. I think the job I actually got was the one interview where I just didn’t give a damn and acted like myself the entire time. It must have worked out for me because now I am interviewing people for that same position I was hired for five years ago.

The city gets a bad rap when it comes to work ethic. I have all these applicants from a part time want ad with a vague job description and feel overwhelmed. The job doesn’t have benefits and people still want to interview. The folks want to work they just don’t have enough places to work. It’s either that or someone is hiring their cousins or people from out of town come in to make all the money. Either way the only solution to that is the dreaded ‘economic development’ that creates a good quantity and quality of jobs for all the people who need one. If not I guess it’s the same old local story; graduate high school, go to college, move to another city, and make their community better. I guess New Orleans’ lost it somewhere in Texas’ gain. I might be able to temporarily stop one good person from moving. Hopefully there are about 100 people like me stopping other people. If not maybe everybody can hold out for the Nickelodeon theme park and operate one of the rides.

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Damn! Never looked at it like tha before.