Friday, October 30, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This will be my last blog entry until next week. I hope everyone has a safe Halloween and enjoys whatever they do if they celebrate. Please buy some good candy to give to the kids. Now&Laters or Sugar Daddies are nice. You probably don't need that much since kids don't really walk the streets like they used to. All of this controlled trick or treating is stupid.

The only acceptable costumes for adult females are cat suits or anything that requires heels.

Men are not allowed to dress up. Masks are okay if you have kids or going to a party and that is the only way to get in.

R. Kelly is coming to New Orleans tomorrow and I hope the power goes out so no one can enjoy his concert because we should be boycotting.


jeffrey said...

Oh you bastard. You um... "tricked" me with that post title. Anyway, I mostly agree with your adult costuming recommendations. I think the women going as cats thing is unbelievably tired. In short, adults really shouldn't be in costume for Halloween, period. I realize legions of pretentious hipsters will disagree with that.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that you are the first man that I've heard say that we should be boycotting R. Kelly. He should have fallen off the face of the earth after what he did, I can't listen to any of his sexy songs because I start wondering how old the girl he's singing to is.