Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Team Might Be The Real Deal

The Eagles just lost to Oakland this afternoon. That’s proof that even if your team is better on paper you can always lose if you are not playing at a high level. I made that statement first to calm down the overload of confidence I have about this year’s Saints team. After five games we have scored over 40 points three times and beaten two teams that experts said were Superbowl contenders in the NFC. This one is even sweeter because New York was healthy so we don’t have to hear about any asterisks like people tried to give us when we beat up on Philadelphia. I don’t think we are going 16-0 but I don’t think there is a game on our schedule that we can’t win. This might be the best Saints team from top to bottom we have ever seen. I know for sure our secondary is the best we have ever had because both cornerbacks are playing out of their minds. Cornerback has always been our weakness on defense even in The Dome Patrol years. I feel real good about this team. They even surprised me today. All we have to do is keep #9 healthy and good things are ahead.

The fact that this team is constructed the way it is brings me back to Reggie Bush and why I call him the X factor. We don’t need Reggie Bush to run the ball 20 times a game to win. We don’t need him to catch 10 passes either. I do think as the season goes along and we teams match up on some of the regular things we do, one or two big plays from him could change the tide of the game and tip things in our favor. The lack of pressure on him should free him up to be loose and make big plays. If that starts happening it is over my friends. I am not keeping the Bush bandwagon going for nothing. I am thinking long term.

Let’s not start saving up for our replica championship rings just yet. There are 11 games left but I think it is okay to accept the fact that we are not a fluke. The NFL has to deal with us.

All Lance Moore does is catch the ball every time it’s thrown to him no matter what. If the pass is anywhere near him he’s not dropping it. He's my favorite Saints player at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Black man I watched the game too, but I'm rather upset that you made no mention of #12 Marques Colston! I will decide your punishment and discuss it with you tomorrow!


anon stole my thunder.

moore and colston should have mentioned in that sentance.

i had our boys at 10/6

gotta change that to 12/6 at this point.

hope every body enjoys the vibe from the 5-0 saints and the awesome weather tomorrow.

it's gonna be one of those mondays where you could run a yellow light and the cop would just blow it off.

one of those mondays when you will let that guy at the four way stop sign go first.

one of those days when some post katrina road work has every body late and in a jam and you still let the other guy pull out in front of you.

i wish we could bottle tomorrow and put it in our drinking water.

cliff i'm going out on my porch to smoke a non filtered camel and drink a beer.

i hope the coffee plant is roasting beans tonight.

thats the front porch trifecta for me.

peace all up on man.

take care. rick n da eight.


cliff , sorry.

besides my giddiness of the saints win and not using spell check i also meant 12/4

Clifton said...

I don't know about the Katrina road work making everyone late being ok....That's probably going to still suck in the morning.

K. said...

Great win for you guys! Meanwhile, we're drowning in our beer out here in Seahawks land...


cmon cliff , just for monday morning.

yah , that chef hwy , gentilly blvd work is really getting old.

at least it aint huey p. 4 year work.

Deb said...

Just wanted to say congrats Cliff! And I definitely co-sign on Colston!

robertally0 said...
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robertally0 said...

lets not forget Darren Sharper will we?