Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just came from outside and I was thinking that tonight would have been a good night to sit on the lake and smoke a cigar. Before Katrina I would relax by driving to the section right next to the Seabrook Bridge and sit on the top step to watch the water and think. Every now and then my cousin would meet me out there and we would split a six pack while enjoying that cigar and talk about things going on. I guess that tradition is dead since it’s been four years and the lights are still not being turned on at night. I just have to say that this really pisses me off.

Anyone that thought Rush Limbaugh would be an NFL owner does not pay attention to how that league and its owners conduct business. Since it was announced he was trying to buy in there has been a lot of media attention given to that story. That is exactly the reason why those owners wouldn’t let him in. One of the arguments in his favor was that controversial rappers have bought into NBA teams. The NBA is a different league. They sell their players and personalities over the actual game of basketball. One of their owners has a great blog and gives his opinion about everything. No one can tell you what an NFL owner thinks. I am a football fanatic and couldn’t pick more than five of them out of a lineup. They like it that way because the NFL is the only professional sports league in this country where people in cities like Jacksonville, New Orleans, Green Bay, and Cincinnati can actually think their team has a shot at winning. No one person comes before the game itself. That’s why they are the number one league and it doesn’t make any sense to have an owner with a divisive radio show possibly saying something on air to turn the attention to him and away from the field. Rush didn’t lose out on being an NFL owner because of how he thinks. He lost out because he likes telling everybody how he thinks. It’s good to see Reverend Al Sharpton back to picking the best ways to get media attention.

I know he is only six years old. I am glad he didn’t fall out of that balloon today and he was at home safe but when all the cameras went away someone should have whipped that little boy’s ass for hiding that long. I know he could hear his mama screaming “Lord, my baby floating away in his daddy stupid balloon!” Maybe that’s just what my mama would have said while cussing my daddy for leaving us outside with a balloon full of helium. That whole thing was a hoax. Those folks want a reality TV show and didn’t want to have 8 more babies to accomplish it.

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