Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Giants Are A Real Test

Tomorrow the Saints and the 5-0 New York Giants play in the Dome to see who can make the claim as the NFC’s best team. If the Saints win tomorrow there will be no doubt that we are serious Superbowl contenders. It’s also a huge game because we may have to see the Giants again if we go far and I would rather play them here in the playoffs. The Giants are a really good team. They can run, pass, and play defense well. Eli Manning is their quarterback and he’s playing pretty good right now. It also doesn’t help that Oakland didn’t try to win last week and allowed them to get a good scrimmage in before the big game in New Orleans. They didn’t have to wash their jerseys after the game so basically we are both coming off a bye week. I am not making a prediction for this one because it can go either way. I will be hoping the Saints win but that Giants team is no slouch. I think we have to run the ball early and stay out of those long third downs because their front four can rush the passer by themselves as well as other teams do with blitzing. Everyone should hope for a win but I would be more interested in how we play and stand up to that team as a gauge for the next 11 weeks of the season.

I’m looking to the left and right of me and the Reggie Bush bandwagon is getting kind of empty. There are a lot of empty seats. I will admit that he hasn’t done anything yet to make people want to stay on. If anything he has been the one dim spot in a great season so far. I can no longer deny that something may be wrong with Reggie but I am hanging on to the philosophy that he is the X Factor and I am not getting off the bandwagon until the check engine light comes on and it blows a head gasket. I have a good feeling that Reggie is running a punt back tomorrow as one of this two touchdowns on the day.

This is a cool song. I am not sure we should make it an official new song but I like it.

This is one is cool too.


K. said...

Looks like the Saints are passing with flying colors!

I'm whipping up a pot of chili and waiting for the Hawks-Cards kickoff...

Anonymous said...

Man, I'd hate to see what a cakewalk would've looked like.