Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Lower Nine Has A Home That Floats On Purpose

Did you know Brad Pitt and his Make it Right Foundation built a floating house in the Lower Ninth Ward? The home is not designed for people to stay for hurricanes but to minimize the damage caused by flooding. I am not going to suck up to Brad Pitt anymore than I already have on this blog. My respect him for him is well documented. I want to talk about the floating house.

One day I was riding down in the old neighborhood with my boy Big G. We were passing over by the new houses that were built and thought to ourselves that when we were growing up whoever lived in those houses would have been the most popular kids on that side of the bridge. I could imagine walking through Edison school and having all the girls point and saying “Girl, do you know who that is? That’s Cliff. He lives in one of those spaceship houses on Tennessee Street.” "That's right baby, wanna come and see my solar panel?" When I was growing up my best friend had one of those big satellite dishes on his house that picked up channels in Zimbabwe. I don’t know if he could have competed with the floating crib. You could have scored all the quality girls of the Lower Nine with a floating house. You could have even gotten those pedigreed ones that never left the porch and couldn’t play with the regular children.

“Hey baby…why don’t you come to my house when your mama goes to work. I can run the hosepipe under the back steps and we can see if we get a little liftoff”

The poor Lower Ninth Ward had to get damn near wiped out to get some cool stuff. Brad Pitt is the man.


Loye said...

Can you imagine what it's gonna look like once they reach their goal of 150 houses? There will be nothing like it in New Orleans.

The Book said...

Gives a new meaning to that SNL skit "I'm On a Boat" ..

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! U SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger said...

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