Saturday, October 3, 2009

Please Beat The Jets So I Can Watch Sportscenter

I can’t stand large market teams. When you grow up a fan of one of the smallest markets in professional sports and get no media attention it can turn you against some of those big guys. I am talking about everyone but the Lakers of course because that’s where Magic played. I was reminded of how much large market media bias gets under my skin when I was watching last Monday’s game in Dallas. I was so sick and tired of hearing about that billion dollar stadium and the 40 million dollar monitor. I wanted the screen to blow out on national television and embarrass Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. None of these struggling people around the country wanted to hear about your stadium all night. Your quarterback still sucks.

The New York Jets will be in the dome tomorrow against The Saints in a battle of unbeaten teams. The Jets have a rookie quarterback from USC named Mark Sanchez. He hasn’t really done anything to win any of those games but since he’s 3-0 in the media capital of the world he is the second coming of Joe Namath after three games. Our new stifling defense should be able to hold their offense down for most of the game. Everything will be decided by how well our offense can do against Rex Ryan’s defense. The last time we played a team coached by him we got destroyed. The Jets like to blitz from everywhere so we need to run the ball and short passes might be key. That leads me to say that the two key players in this game will be Jeremy ‘St. Bernard Parish’ Shockey and Heisman trophy running back Reginald Alfred Bush II also known as Reggie. I know my prophecy for the great Reggie Bush season hasn’t quite gotten off to the best start but I called him the X factor and tomorrow we are going to need the 'X' for those blitz packages. I need the Saints to win this game because 4-0 with a bye week to get healthy will be the perfect start to this season. I also need them to spare me all the airtime that will be given to the Jets if they win. Its bad enough Brett Favre is still playing and his team is winning. There’s only so much overkill I can take. There will be no song for Reggie this week but my prediction is Saints 24 Jets 10. Let’s send them back to the big city on a quiet plane.

Tomorrow is the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day so don’t adjust your television when you see a player in pink cleats.


Deb said...

Why is it that I'd never really tuned in to Mark Sanchez until today? Looking horrible out there today notwithstanding! :-)

I am by far, no football wonk (I learned what little I know about football to be able to share something with this NY Giants/Yankees nut I've lived with for almost 29 years!!!). But honestly? That's probably why, not until today, in a conversation with my youngest son (25) wherein he referred to him as a "Mexican kid" from USC that "made it" to the NFL, did I pay attention.

It helped me re-focus on HOW MUCH "foot-on-neck" has affected the lives of plenty of "OTHERS" in America - and how each of our respective communities have been complicit in it as a result("The first ________." You fill in the blank). Even if the experiences are borne out of different beginnings, the results are always the same, aren't they?

Just an observation.

Deb said...

P.S. Novice that I am, DOdo love me some Drew Brees, Reginald Bush II and Marques Colton! :-)

hammhawk said...

Seriously, you're not going to gloat immediately that you called the score? Nobody does that. Gregg Easterbrooke used to keep tabs, and the NYTimes was right like once out of 10,000 attempts or something like that.

Well done, and I may want you to invest some money for me at some point!