Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Weekend Vibe...Songs That Represent My Life

I stole this idea from Neecha's page so I felt it was only fair I give her a shout out and a link to her page. She admitted to me that she took this from somewhere on Facebook so even if you go and check out her answers don't give her any creative credit for the questions. Don't tell her anything about it because she's one of those New Orleans people who likes a good confrontation. This was fun to think about and it was harder than I thought to settle on one song.

A favorite political track.
"Not Yet Free" – The Coup

The song you’d use to tell someone you love them.
"As" – Stevie Wonder

A song that has made you sit down and analyze its lyrics.
“I Am I Be” – De La Soul

A song that you like, that a two-year-old would like as well.
"Jam On Revenge" - Newcleus

A song that gives you an energy boost.
"Terminator X To The Edge of Panic" – Public Enemy

A song that you and your grandparents (would probably) like.
"How I Got Over" – Mahalia Jackson

A song that you really liked when you were 14-16, and still really like now.
"Hey Young World"- Slick Rick

A sad song that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life.
"When Your Life Was Low" – Lahla Hathaway and Joe Sample

A peppy song that would start the opening credits of the movie about your life.
"Gonna Have A Funky Good Time (The long version)" –James Brown

A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that you liked.
"One Headlight" – The Wallflowers

A song that could play softly in the background every single day without you getting tired of hearing it.
"Moe Better Blues" – Branford Marsalis and Terence Blanchard

A song that you think should have been playing when you were born.
"Grazing in the Grass" – Friends of Distinction

Favorite artist duo collaboration.
"Nothing Better Than Love" – Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines

A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally, common-sensical, religiously, etc.) But I have it as a ringtone! Just aweful!
"Do It Stick It" – Lil Boosie

The song that you like despite the fact your IQ level drops several points every time you listen to it.
"Can’t Believe It" by Lil Wayne and T-Pain

Your smooth song, for relaxing.
"Back In The Day"- Erykah Badu

A song you would send to someone you hate or are mad at.
"Hit em Up” - Tupac

A favorite track from an outfit considered a super-group.
"Losing My Religion" - R.E.M

A song that makes you reminisce about good times with a family member.
"Before I Let Go” - Maze

A song that puts you in a romantic mood.
"Here I Stand" - Usher

Your favorite song at this moment in time.
"Carried Away" - Mojoe



For a very long year my nick name was wiki(x5) at work.

I hated that nickname and yet I could never make myself hate that song.

Great memories in that list.

Thanks for posting it.

Rick T.

K. said...

Cliff: I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but it's really good. I've added it to my blog roll.

Klou said...

I love this post! It's very telling. If I steal this, to whom goes the credit?