Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Jim Letten Should Stay

Some people are a little upset with Senator Mary Landrieu’s decision to recommend that President Obama let Jim Letten remain in his post as our U.S Attorney. They say he practices selective prosecution and site the fact he didn’t go after Senator Vitter as proof. Maybe he does target certain people and gives others a break. I can’t argue against that. If it’s true then I guess we need to have another attorney. I guess seeing some new attorney go after Republicans for indictment will make some people feel better. I won’t be one of those people because if that happens it will only take the focus off the real issue. The real issue as far as I am concern is why are there so many black politicians that represent the most vulnerable people in this area getting indicted in the first place? How many people Jim Letten indicted have screamed racism because they were innocent? Let me know when he sets someone up.

The best and brightest of our local leadership Oliver Thomas admitted to guilt and he is serving time in prison right now. One of our former school board presidents wore a wire to help catch the brother of our former congressman as a way to escape prison herself. (As far as I am concerned anyone stealing from the kids should automatically receive at least five years in prison but that’s just me and my 20 year old books in 7th grade talking.) I have mentioned on this page before during some of the Ray Nagin hysteria that I would not convict a black person without evidence and proof that he or she is a criminal. That is not the same as excusing people who have chosen to do the wrong things for their own benefit instead of what was right for the people. I don’t care what you do to them. As far as I am concerned they haven’t gotten enough jail time. Maybe if they did it would stop happening. You simply can’t have this kind of thing especially in a city where the effects of things not being done the right way can be seen so vividly. If my neighborhood looked like some of the ones David Vitter represented then maybe I could spend more time worrying about why Jim Letten chose not to prosecute him. As it stands now, I’m worried about a hospital being open and wondering why there is not an elementary school within walking distance of my home.

I don’t live in a nice subdivision with all the high class politically connected business people and preachers that would like to see Jim Letten gone so they can get their hustle on. I live down here with struggling folks who suffer because of the hustle. Even if the people choose not to acknowledge what happen you can’t ignore the evidence. Corrupt politicians are worse than street thugs because they have been educated and have full understanding of what they are doing. I don’t care if he’s Republican or Democrat or black or white at this point. If it takes Jim Letten to scare people into not stealing or not running for office at all if they have the wrong intentions then so be it. We need leadership and good government in the worst way. All we have to show for that blind and one sided loyalty is regret and wasted opportunity. If Jim Letten needs to be there to make a few people think twice about doing something underhanded then so be it. If we do the right things it doesn’t matter who the U.S. Attorney is.


mominem said...

Didn't the Fed's just get a white Judge in the Parish?

Clifton said...

Yes they did and as long as he's guilty it doesn't matter to me what color he was.

Red said...

Letten can stay - but that Colonel Sanders stach and retro side part must go!

Anonymous said...

Red, speak for yourself. I happen to think Jim is handsome. His talent, hard work, focus and dedication to the citizens of Louisiana and our country (He is a retired US Navy reserve officer) speaks volumes. We are truly blessed to have US Attorney Jim Letten. Jim you can keep the moustache and the awesome head of hair.