Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling Like A Monday

I came into work this morning. There's a cool front outside so the temperature is lower than usual. They haven't adjusted the thermostat for the air conditioning so I feel cold like one of those episodes of Survivorman when Les is trying to survive seven days on the frozen tundra of Siberia. I got my coffee but it doesn't taste right. Checked my email and found work I don't feel like doing. Opened up my blog and thought about what I was going to the good people today. I came up blank. Everything in the news is not interesting enough to talk about. Plus, I did absolutely nothing this weekend so I don't have any stories or observations about that. All I could think about is how I am a certified expert of hip hop records from 1985-1995. I would put my knowledge and pre-Katrina catalog up against anyone as long as you don't ask me anything silly. I have been sitting here at my desk deciding on the song to go with this post. That turned into listening to old school hip hop music for the last two hours. I know that makes it seem like I haven't done anything productive at work this morning but the music helps me focus while I plan and make policy. I hope everyone bought that excuse. Besides I need something to block out the two ladies on the other side of the wall talking about Mary Kay cosmetics all day. I need to stop playing around and get something done today. If not I will never get that honorary degree from Arizona State. They have high standards for a black man's accomplishments.

After careful deliberation I went with Chubb Rock because dancing to this song at my desk is increasing my body heat and saving me from hypothermia. Notice how Chubb only joins in the dance routine at the end when the kicking and jumping around is over. I thought that was funny back when I was small enough to do the dances myself. Now I understand Chubb. Now I understand.

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