Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Weekend Vibe.....A Song Just to Chill With

If you are lucky in life there will be people that you care about and who care about you. I have an existence full of people like that. Some of them are connected to me by blood. The others are connected by spirit but they are just as close. When you have people close to you it can come with responsibilities. One of my responsibilities is being the person that other folks like to call when there is a problem or crisis going on. They share the good things too but more than likely when the phone rings and certain numbers pop up on the screen I know that something is going on and I may have to do something. I am not complaining. This is something that was passed down from father to son. I take it as a compliment of what kind of person they think I am. The only draw back to it is as time goes on and circumstances change, I find myself consciously never getting too excited or overly happy about anything for more than a few days at a time. The reason I do that is to protect myself from the violent swing of emotion when something happens. It was not too long ago that I found out I was getting a raise at work and a few minutes later someone I care about was calling to inform me that she and her son was about to be homeless. It would have sucked to listen to her sobbing while I responded with glee in my voice because of my good fortune. This is how things happen for me. A similar episode happened yesterday. You have to claim those issues as your own to help people work though them. You also need to deal with the realization that there are so many things beyond your control that you can't help fix.

Next month I will be 35 years old. I am not feeling like an old man. I feel like in these times if you happen to be the kind of person that other people look to for support you will be faced to deal with some serious stuff. It’s causing me to lose the ability to display my boyish charm as much as I used to. It only comes out now when I am listening to music. That’s why I always post songs to my blog like this. Sometimes you just need to rock your head from side to side and chill out. That's why this weekend we are rocking with the Black Sheep.

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Anonymous said...

What about the happy just to hear your voice calls? I love this song!