Monday, May 4, 2009

You have to love a Monday morning when at 8:15 it's damn near pitch black outside and everyone has their headlights on. What better weather to start off the week than thunderstorms. At least the bad weather held off until most of the Jazz Fest was finished although I think some people like sitting out there in that mud and slop.

New Orleans has it's first confirmed case of the piggy flu. It was brought to my attention that my office is in a medical facility. The media has built up this piggy flu even though all the medical experts said it was mild and probably not going to be too bad. Since I have to hear about it every five minutes I figured I should get something out of the deal. That's why if anyone in this building or a patient of any doctor in this building gets it I am not coming back to work until July. I'm just joking. I should be safe as long as I survive the elevator ride to our office door. There is so many bottles of sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and spray around here that a sneeze will instantly turn into fresh air. All jokes aside, I hope we don't get any more confirmed cases around here. Between the governor and our mayor, we will have to shut the city down.

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