Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Weekend Vibe...Doing What You Have To Do

My brother cut off his dreadlocks last week. He did it in order to have a better chance at finding a job. That was a big deal for that cat because he absolutely loved his hair. He’s probably been cussing since he did it. I have to admit they did look pretty good the last time I seen him. He almost made me want to get some. The thing about the world we live in is that I am at a place where I probably could have kept mine. I am in a little better position. He’s trying to get into the door and unfortunately as black men we get judged on things like that especially without the official credentials that can override appearance. It’s probably worse for him now because he’s living in another city and there is not the same amount of people that know him personally like here in New Orleans. In New Orleans he knows about 50,000 people from all walks of life on a first name basis and I am not exaggerating. That’s a gift he has that I don’t. Me and my brother have had heated discussions about things like haircuts and dress clothes. I want him to know that I never promoted changing his look because I didn’t like his hair or the way he looks in it. It’s just sometimes when you have to move forward in life concessions are necessary. My brother gave up his locks. Now I hope he’s rewarded with enough opportunity to make so much progress he can grow them back and not have to worry about it. You know what, when that day gets here I will grow some with him. I dedicate this song to my brother and guys like him who decided to do what they have to do for progress even though they hated doing it. Keep grinding brothers and things are going to work out just fine.

Indie Arie - I am not my hair - Indie Arie featuring Akon


BigCheze said...

much love big u

Clifton said...

Sorry I had to show off your back tats LOL.

Red said...

some disclosure about me...

I made a decision back in 2000 after the the last straw heartbreak/romantic disappointment that I was moving on from dating brothers with locks. Prior to falling for the long haired 'dreaded ones', I only dated mainstream type brothers with fades. Moved to northern california and became enamored with long haired brothers and my love life took a turn for the worst. Seemed like brothers with fabulous long locks traded in the hard grind, stable relationship, dependable brother orientation for the whimsical/"I'm flowing on what I'm feeling and can't be bothered with what I said yesterday about what I'm gonna do today"/tragic peter pan/prima donna behavior and life view. Once I got back to the mainstream brothers, life was once again beautiful in love land.

not to say at all that your brother with locks was any of the aforementioned problem child style type brothers. Just saying there is something about men's hair that's almost political as black women's hair. Actually, I think hair overall is very political as evidenced with burkas and bad wigs women that orthodox middle eastern women have to wear. There's what society super-imposes on you and then there's the way in which we subconsciously adopt behavior or roles that our hair style connotes. people judge and we adopt different attitudes and behavior, all as a result of hairstyles.

anyway, hope your brother makes it into the 6 figure bracket. Its the least they could do for him sacrificing what appears to have been gorgeous, run-your-fingers-thru-my Michele Ngdege Ocello-dreadlocks:)

Anonymous said...


You have to learn to except a person for what he has inside not what he has outside.

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