Monday, June 1, 2009

Pre-Applying for The Worst Case Scenario

This morning I came back from my three day weekend to find an email telling me about the opportunity to apply for disaster food stamps. For those of you who don’t know what disaster food stamps are, that’s the food stamps they give to people when there is an evacuation so everyone can eat or replenish their groceries. The email was sent a week before hurricane season started. This is taking emergency preparedness to a new level.

I think this opinion may be in the minority but I think this is bad karma. I know where I live and what happened in the past. I am all for having a plan to leave and a long term plan to stay somewhere else for awhile in case something goes wrong and you can’t come back home immediately. I’m not naive and even if you wanted to be clueless about the need for a plan you couldn’t. Everywhere you go someone is reminding you its hurricane season and you need to have a plan. To me there is a difference between having a plan and willing yourself into a situation. I’m one of those people that believe in karma and getting back the energy that you put into a situation. In my mind if I apply for disaster relief food stamps before there is any indication of a disaster coming I am just begging for a hurricane to come. I think this is overkill and generating negative energy. It’s just like when your friend buys a gun to take to the club in the event he gets into an altercation. He hasn’t had a fight in 20 years but now he feels the need to carry a pistol. It never fails that as soon as he does, that’s when trouble finds him and something bad happens.

I’m not applying for the chance to need disaster stamps. I have my game plan to roll out. I will spend money wisely and be prepared if something comes. Other than that, I am going along with my days like I will never have the need to put this plan into place because there is a difference between planning for the worst and waiting for it to happen. I guess next year everyone will apply with FEMA in February and have our claims already in action too. We might as well call up the insurance company and tell our adjuster to start the paperwork now so they can come up with ways to not pay us. We are going to drive ourselves crazy before the hurricane gets a chance to. Maybe I am making too much of this. If I am then please excuse me. A brother just gets tired of expecting bad things all the time.


sussah said...

You're right, this is ridiculous and encourages a cycle of extremely negative expectations. If somebody has the will to live, and a sane and logical mind, then preparedness is going to include discussions with family, appropriate insurance, a little savings if possible, a valid credit card, and tuning in to the information. Even with those things in place, there will be unforeseen circumstances which must be faced in a natural disaster, as we know. But the energy it takes to pre-apply for disaster food stamps in the spring could definitely be redirected in more constructive ways. thanks, sp, n.o.


" Maybe I am making too much of this. If I am then please excuse me. A brother just gets tired of expecting bad things all the time."

im a huge beliver in karma but what happened to some folks with this program is just plain old crappy la. govt.

it appears that some who registered early became subject to on line idenity theft.

w.t.f.? i thought jindal was the whiz kid.