Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeding The Cycle

Last week the open discussion around the office was about this brother in Knoxville Tennessee. His name is Desmond Hatchett. He is 29 years old and has 21 children by 11 different women (Just a side note: If this story was on any of my local news sites their server would have crashed from racist comment overload.).

The discussion was very interesting. I was the only man involved and the sisters seemed to have varying views on who was responsible. A few of them wondered why the mothers of these children kept choosing to have babies with this man when he has already fathered so many children. I couldn’t really argue with that because Knoxville isn’t that big so they had to know already. It would be hard to hide 21 children in a big city. I guess every woman after baby number one bares some responsibility. Unless it’s done through force women have to take responsibility for their own choices in sexual partners. I believe that but let’s talk about this stupid ass man for a minute.

There is no excuse for a man who can barely afford to take care of himself to make 21 children. There isn’t enough time during the day to work long enough or spend enough time with that many kids and give them what they need. Desmond Hatchett knew that before he made them. That’s why I give him almost all the blame. There is no such thing as a grown ass man without any control over what comes out of his body. We are not talking about some naive 14 year old that goes by his girlfriend and makes a mistake. A grown man knows exactly what has to take place to create a child. I can’t stand when a man gives me one of those tired excuses like the woman had a gun to his head and made him plant his seed. I don’t care if she said she was on birth control. In the end you still control your own pistol. You can go to any clinic these days and pick up condoms without even having to speak to anyone. Whenever a situation comes up where you can’t control your own body then your manhood has to take a hit for that. After 21 confirmed moments with no self control, I don’t think we can call this male a man. This is an irresponsible fool consciously bringing all these babies into the world to struggle. That’s 21 more kids in the hood trying to beat the odds on their 1.50 child support. That’s 21 children to potentially keep the cycle going. That’s 21 more children we will be potentially having forums about in 15 years so we can develop plans to save them from the streets. The odds are with so many kids that a few of them will probably make it through to be successful in life. I bet as soon as their first big check clears dear old dad will come walking through the door looking for his 15 dollars of support a year and his 15 minutes of quality time to be repaid. That would fit the profile of jokers like this. Men like this give all brothers a bad name.

The saddest part about this whole story is that I know someone personally that has him beat in children and moms. He just hasn't made the news yet.


mominem said...

ccording to the article he may beat the guy you know yet.

"authorities are now braced for more women coming forward to claim Hatchett is the father of their children after he appeared on local TV."

All I can hope is his condition isn't genetic.

Not So Old Soldier said...

This is so sad. He is trifling. His baby mama's are crazy. They are nasty. Statistics say that someone in that circle with him and those ladies got that shit. This is so sad.

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