Friday, June 26, 2009

Sitting On My Porch Part Twenty Eight

It’s been a long week in many ways. This is the first time in a long time that I am glad Friday is here. I want to sleep late. I have been listening to Michael Jackson related material for the last 24 hours. I know Mike hadn’t been on top like the old days but his death makes you realize just how big he was. He’s taking over everything. The news, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and anything else you can think of is jammed with Michael Jackson. I was looking up the picture of the album cover and ended up listening to Off the Wall about ten times. Sadly, I think this story is going to get a lot worse as the days go by and more people that knew him personally feel comfortable enough to talk about things they never would have while he was living. This might be the first time I am going to feel sorry for someone because they ended up being famous.

I had to show Mike some love on the Just A Song page.

If Mike hadn’t died I would be searching the internet for anything on Governor Sanford and his Argentina fling. This is another example of why politicians should really think twice before putting themselves out there. He was one of the main people criticizing Bill Clinton for being nasty in The White House and now he gets busted for going all the way to another country to do the same thing. I need to see a picture of this woman. She better be a 12 on a scale of 10. Something tells me that Mrs. Sanford is not going to play the good wife role. Hell hath no fury like a governor’s wife scorned. Maybe he should have just taken the stimulus money. He could have used that to replace the tax dollars he used to pay for his secret rendezvous.

The best thing about Iran’s leadership looking dishonest and not having their people’s best interest is the fact that they did it on their own. The president handled this one correctly.

When the chief of police calls your family out for being criminal then apologizes, it’s probably not the best thing for the legacy of your kinfolks to go out and shoot someone the same week. I personally think this should be done regularly. Every week the chief should have a press conference with a list of 50 names that’s messing it up for everyone and read them in alphabetical order. I’m pretty sure that might be unethical but since we want to know everything about everybody in the city anyway why not extend it to the suspects to.

Why does it seem like so many pregnant women around town are wearing the same clothes they did before they got pregnant? That normally wouldn’t be a problem but if the shirt was tight when your stomach was flat imagine how it looks now.

I am not saying I am the greatest writer or anything but why do I feel such a since of unfairness at the fact Perez Hilton is becoming famous for that horrible blog he has. Is that the key to success in the blogging world? All you have to do is hate on people? I can do that and get some benefit. Check this out……
Buffie the Body is not fine and her pictures suck! I don’t care how many times I look at them or join her fan club in hopes of a VIP invitation to one of her events. She's really not impressive. Erykah Badu is not that fly either and I am glad I removed one of the many pictures I downloaded of her as my desktop wallpaper. Lil Wayne = Simple New Orleans people! Reggie Bush ain’t fast and his girl is not that awesome(Did I just type that?)!
I don’t like any black people especially Stevie Wonder and my family.

I can feel the hits and advertising dollars rolling in any minute now!

The city of New Orleans is about to spend 8 million dollars to buy a building from a company that abandoned the business district and moved across the lake. Once we buy the building we will end up spending another 8 million because this is New Orleans. That means there is going to be some kind of problem and everyone is going to want to pick out new stuff to put in there. This sounds like a plan someone thought of while they were stuck in traffic one morning. I have a bad feeling about this plan. The next mayor is going to be working in a tent.

Let’s give Mike one more clip and try to move on. I am dedicating this clip to Renaldo. He was a tough kid from the Iberville Projects but he loved Billie Jean.

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