Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Someone Finally Stopped Something Before It Started

In his resignation letter, Lapene said he didn’t want to be a distraction for Cannizzaro’s office, and wrote “that continuing my employment with you could interfere with your good work in attempting to make a positive difference in this community.”

I read about here on the Blog of New Orleans.

You know when I wrote about this Sunday I felt strongly about what I said. I thought this was one of those stories that would fly under the radar until a major trial later and it would blow up. Apparently, Mr. Lapene or someone close to him did too. I know he was allegedly involved in a racial altercation but give him or whoever made the decision credit for ending a potential problem before it started. Most of the time people here defiantly keep everybody on staff no matter what they do.

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Papa Bear said...


In reference to your statement in the original column concerning those who who do not get convicted, I've heard that most of that comes from one explanation:

Jason Rogers Williams has been tearing up the DA's office.

He's been the defense attorney on a majority of the high profile murder cases, and has been able to pick apart the prosecution's cases. The sad thing about the 2008 DA's race was that JRW was by FAR the best attorney in the field, but was never able to gain any traction or do serious fundraising.