Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is my last night staying at the Hampton Inn in Jackson. It's

been uncomfortable from a space standpoint but I actually have met

some cool people from New Orleans that helped me feel not so

deserted. There are some things about this storm process that are

pissing me off a little.

Mississippi is already drawing up plans for construction in

rebuilding their state and my governor just decided on the

committee today. You have got to be kidding me. I am looking into

making my 6 month least into a year long lease because nothing is

going to happen. I think my plan may be to coordinate with my

family so we can live closer to one another and see what happens

over time. Nobody really wants us back anyway. The media keeps

subliminally suggesting we don't or can't go back. I don't think

it's realistic for people who spent 25 years or more in one city to

make that permanent decision in one month. Too much emotion

involved right now. I could say I am never going back but if

things looked good when I went down there in a few months I would

want to be down there. They would never ask anyone else that shit

so soon. They keep asking us that question because they want to get

it in your mind that you are not going back so they can buy all of

the property for cheap, fix the levees the right way, and sell it

to outsiders for a big profit. Then they are going to take those

ragged schools you went to and make it look like the ones in the

city you moved to and fell in love with in essence, we are going

to move to Texas and other places and our city is going to be

rebuilt more modern than the cities we moved to.

Tom Benson is go to the most heartless man in the history of

sports. I told a friend of mine the other day that there was no

such thing as a bilinear nice guy and I was right. The least he

could have done was wait until the end of the year and help the

city recover a bit. We all know you can't play in New Orleans but

have some class. I hope San Antonio is happy with your sad, pitiful

team. I have too many other issues to worry about in life than a rich ass old bastard.

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