Friday, October 14, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 22

These two pictures are from my childhood neighborhood. I would tell you the streets but there is so much debris I can't make it out.

People are returning home to the Lower Ninth Ward and finding love ones still in houses. It's bad enough we had the worse levees. We also had the worse search and recovery too. A brother can only take so much. Now I know I am glad they didn't let me down there. I didn't want to find mine in the house or witness anyone find theirs.

French Quarter bars are going to defy the curfew.
I think they should because absolutely nothing is going to happen to them if they do. The French Quarter always pimps the city officials. If they want to be open 24 hours they will be. If they want Mardi Gras so a bunch of tourist can come and piss on the streets I should be living on, it will happen. Don't think it was a miracle they never got any water.

If any of my people happen to read this in Texas or any other major city please pay attention. Minimum wage jobs will get you eaten alive in other places. If the large amount of you really mean you are not coming back, please try and better yourselves and get some skills to allow you to make it where you are now. If you don't want to live in New Orleans then you might as well get rid of that lazy New Orleans mentality a lot of you had. There is going to be so many people with that "free handout" mentality that are going to struggle to survive in 2006 or 2007 when the FEMA well runs dry. That New Orleans comfort zone will not be the same for them to run back to. Something really sad is going to come from all this in the long run if our attitudes don't change.

What is with all the people who had good jobs in the city that are leaving to go work at Wal-Mart or Target without officially resigning or trying to find out what happen to their old job. I understand you have to live other places because you have nowhere to stay and you need to do what you have to now. If you find another job comparable or better than the one you had then that's cool but don't just abandon a well paying job to stack boxes. You should at least call your old job and find out what's going on first. The city was flooded but the water is gone and you did have a life before August 29th. The same thing goes for bills, car notes, and house notes too if you had any of those. That stuff didn't just vanish because you got flooded. It makes no sense in ruining your credit and losing property because you are trying to forget everything about New Orleans. Those companies are not going to forget it. My godmother has to find a way to go to the city and retrieve her car. The insurance company said the water was not high enough in that area for the car to have damage so she still has to pay the note. Imagine how many people that haven't contacted their insurance company or lender yet thinking FEMA is going to take care of everything. The government will only do so much for so long and then it's back on us.

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