Friday, October 7, 2005

Telling the Truth about Katrina

I didn't get a chance to post anything for awhile since I have not had a computer so I need to catch up to date with this Katrina bullshit. I'm going to get it all out of the way now and then go forward with the rest of my rebuilt life.

For years we always heard about the big storm that would have a storm surge big enough to top the levee and flood the city. That never happened during Katrina. The damn levees broke. They totally fell apart. Now, I don't want to be one of those conspiracy theorist who think that someone blew up the levee to save the French Quarter, CBD and the Garden District but how in the hell did those levees just fall apart? The 17th St. Canal has the exact same wall on the other side of it protecting Jefferson Parish and that side is standing strong. How come the pressure from the water didn't crash that side? Maybe someone from Jefferson loaded the dynamite.

Honestly I don't believe anyone went out in the storm and placed dynamite by the levee. I do believe that when the levees were being built, someone got together and decided to make certain points around the Ninth Ward and London Avenue a little weaker so if the pressure came in to the canals they would break and keep the lake from flooding out all of the metro area. There is nothing that can be said to make me think any different.

If anyone believes there are only 979 dead in Louisiana they are crazy. That may just be the count for St. Bernard and the Lower Ninth Ward. I think the numbers are being doctored. I wonder what kind of death is being excluded from the count. Are all those people that expired in hospitals because the governor wanted 24 hours to look stupid in her office before she moved in the National Guard count?

Let me make sure I understand........
We can send soldiers to a desert that has no water, food or electricity and turn it into a city in a week but we can't drop food and water on the interstate in America. How can all those people say they didn't know what was going on when we have satellites in the sky that can watch me typing this blog right now. I am not racist but I have to say if this would have happen with majority white victims an entire grocery store would have been airlift in. That comment was not directed at the National Guard, Wildlife people or the Coast Guard. They went into the hood and got our people. I'm talking about the asshole politicians.

I sure hope these ignorant ass negroes don't let a few dollars from FEMA and free rent for a year blind them from the fact that someone decided to destroy their city. It's a damn shame how a few dollars can make a bunch of niggas forget all the injustice done to them. That's why I think the government will take its sweet time rebuilding the city. As long as the coons have a place to sleep and don't have to work, they won't even be worried about New Orleans. Never mind the fact most of our families have been there since Reconstruction. That doesn't matter.
Red Cross gave you a debit card to buy a play station with so it's all good. I bet you St. Bernard Parish won't forget that their entire city was ruined.

AND STOP BUYING JEWELRY AND STUPID SHIT WITH YOUR DISASTER MONEY. Don't you fools realize that every report of that kind of thing makes people think you are trying to get over on everybody. Who's going to call and donate money for you to buy a Gucci bag. Stop it

I know he has another job working with the Urban League now but it's time for Mayor Nagin to call up Marc Morial and get some help dealing with all this stuff. I think Ray is in over his head but any one man would be faced with this kind of thing. I respect the fact you are trying to be strong Ray but its been long enough now for the Republicans running Washington to start backtracking on all the shit they said they were going to do for the city. You are going to need all the help you can get to make sure you get half of that money. Blanco won't help you. She didn't care for you from the start and she used her personal feelings to do a shitty job after the storm. She makes me so glad I voted for Bobby Jindal. She's just what I expected.

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