Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mind Blowin Volume 23

It's strange how after Katrina nothing really means anything to me anymore outside of health and family. The Saints, money, bills, clothes and all that other stuff is just not registering with me at the moment. It just doesn't seem important. I hope everyone realizes now that none of that stuff ever really was important to begin with.

Anybody that says they are better off after this whole ordeal is lying to themselves. You may be in a better house and might have a better job or maybe your rent paid for awhile but the whole scenario is still bullshit. You should have been able to have that anyway without your house being washed away.

If Harried Miers can be nominated to the highest court in the land without ever being a judge, then I can be hired as the New Orleans School Board superintendent without ever being a teacher. If that's not looking out for your friends then I don't know what is. First Michael Brown and now this. She did the right thing by withdrawing her name.

I was ready to put the FEMA fiasco behind me and focus on the rebuilding. Then I heard that while the beloved people of my city were starving and dying from the heat, Mike was sitting in Baton Rouge eating his gumbo and chilling even after he was told by his subordinates that they were running out of supplies. Somebody in the federal government has to pay for this kind of shit. It's either that or one hundred thousand dollars to every household of the city. Free rent and a furniture voucher just doesn't cut it.

Who is going to go to jail from the CIA leak investigation? Nobody is probably going to jail but I would sure like if if Karl Rove at least had to resign. People don't realize that whenever you hear George Bush speak, you are basically hearing Karl Rove. It's going to be a long three years if Rove is not their to help his ass.

I don't know what's more frustrating, the fact that the local, state, and federal government all failed me during Katrina, or the fact that I didn't vote for the current mayor, governor, or president.

Sheryl Swoopes coming out of the closet is not good for women's basketball. I think it's good for her personally that she came out but it's bad for the WNBA. Those middle class suburban parents that buy tickets are not going to want to send their daughters to a game they think is going to promote homosexuality to their daughters. This is the reason why male sports leagues in this country will never promote a gay star.

I knew the Minnesota Vikings were going to get in trouble for the sex cruise when I heard the strippers were from Atlanta. You can't bring that Dirty South buckwild action that far up north and think it's going to go over well. The Saints could have that same party once a month in New Orleans and no one would say nothing as long as everyone stays alive.

I know I am from the south and I can't make fun of anyone this close to New Orleans but why are there so many people in this region that like the Laffy Taffy song. I just Rosa Parks never got to hear this song by mistake before she passed. As a matter of fact, I hope she didn't get to hear any hip hop made in the last five years.


QueenJoya said...

I am totally not feeling that dumb ass laffy taffy song and everybody up here loves it as well...what's wrong with these folks?

QueenJoya said...

I miss New Orleans and everything that came with it but living in a different place has opened my eyes to how jacked up our government and city actually is, you're right we should not have had to had our homes washed away to be in a better place...and what about the people who aren't adjusting well folks who don't drive, can't drive or don't have shit to drive? Families spread out all over! You know no matter what people thought about us and our town we were all about family our family units were tight, financially I am doing better, as far as the childrens education they are doing better but emotionally I haven't been able to sleep, I went home this weekend and Cliff they destroyed everything I cried and cried. I was able to salvage somethings but it's bad. I'm glad you're trying to adjust sorry for ranting but you know me, I have to calm myself down.
So what are we gonna do next brain?

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