Thursday, October 27, 2005

20 Songs That Helped Me Get By

With all this life changing going on from Katrina, I decided to get grounded with myself I would download as much music as I could and just let it go for a few minutes (I know technically that's stealing but since I owned all of this stuff before the water came I feel I have a little credit to cash in). This is my 20 song post Katrina soundtrack.

1. Fire Water - Wild Magnolias
2. Can't Trust It - Public Enemey
3. Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles
4. Love Me Like A Rock - O'Jays
5. The Ruler's Back - Slick Rick
6. Knock With Me- Rock With Me - Lil Rascals Brass Band
7. Black Water - Doobie Brothers
8. Come Get To This - Marvin Gaye
9. Explosive - Dr. Dre
10. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted - Temptations
11. Ike's Rap IV - Isaac Hayes
12. One More Road To Cross - DMX
13. We Can Make It Better - Kanye West
14. My Lover's Prayer - Otis Redding
15. Grand Finale - Lil John
16. Sucker MC's - Run DMC
17. At Last - Etta James
18. Spend Some Time - Brand New Heavies
19. Casanova - Rebirth Brass Band
20. The Do Wop - LL Cool J.

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QueenJoya said...

Ummm can I get a copy of this cd?