Friday, October 7, 2005

Katrina...Where is Geraldine?

I couldn't write anything else about this event until now. The biggest reason is that it is bothering me to no end and I just couldn't do it. Today is October 7th and my grandmother Geraldine Louvier is still missing. Her exact whereabouts during the storm are unknown. I know for sure that if she was in her home at the time the Lower Ninth Ward levee broke, she is gone. There is no need in trying to sugarcoat it. That will be the main lost I have suffered during this whole thing. Nature took away my chance to tell her goodbye without any warning. I am kind of mad at myself for not going get her on my own and bringing her with me before I left that Sunday. I guess I should have known the federal, state, and local government had all spent years neglecting the levees that protected all of us from the water( more on this in a minute). I just hope she didn't suffer too much. The old lady didn't deserve that fate. I'm sure I am not the only person with this kind of feeling running through their heads all day long right now. Families in New Orleans have been shattered, split apart and devastated more than I would have ever thought to see in my lifetime.

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