Sunday, October 23, 2005

This is the beginning of a new week and hopefully a new outlook for me. I have to start getting things together and moving on. Two months of sitting around is long enough. I am going to go crazy if I just sit here and ponder the past and the future every day without making a move. The first things on the agenda for me are simple things.

  • Get a birth certificate.
  • Write a resume.
  • Get some interview clothes.
  • Reorganize my finances.
  • Stop drinking beer all day long.

The last one is the hardest because when you are bored as I am and getting paid, there is nothing else to do during the day. I have to get out of this house.

I need to apologize to Tom Benson for wanting to move the Saints. If you think about it, how can we be mad at him when 40% of the people that lived in the city are not returning to assist in the rebuilding themselves? In order for me to be mad at Tom Benson, I would have to be mad at my parents, family, the majority of my friends and myself. I say let them go and lets not spend that money that we need in other places to keep them. The city and state have so much on their plate that they shouldn’t even have enough time to pay attention to the Saints anyway. We need hospitals, schools, and all kinds of stuff before we can worry about going to a football game.

The Jackson area is alright and the people are actually friendlier than the ones in New Orleans but how come you can’t get anyone in this place to give you accurate directions to anywhere……And why is everything in the phone book in a different place that was is listed in there?

I see the same things happening around here in Jackson that happened to New Orleans. The suburb here is growing by leaps and bounds. Eventually, no one will do anything in Jackson but work and leave. Their only saving grace is that life is a little slower and simple than most inner cities and they might be able to survive the tax base erosion.

I have spent the last two months being consumed by Katrina. I have never let one thing take over my every thought like this. Starting today, I need to see what else is going on in the world.

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