Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Message to the G-Unit and all the Beefers

You guys are really depressing me. You are all making more money than most young brothers can ever imagine for doing something that a few DJ's started in the parties just for fun. There is nothing in the story of your altercation that warrants anybody getting shot, beat up, or anything else. Maybe if you guys actually had true lyrical talent instead of relying on a played out, modern day minstrel show, thug image that the mainstream record companies hold your ass over the fire to carry on, you might not feel the need to be so ignorant to maintain your street credibility for people who have never seen the streets. Every one knows that this is all going to end with some young brother getting killed for absolutely no reason. Rappers are becoming perfect examples for white supremacist and radical right wing conservative activists to show the people that follow them that lack of money or education is not the reason for our savagery and violence. "50 Cent just made a few million dollars last year and he still wants to kill everybody. If we send them to college and give them some money, their asses will still be just as ignorant and hateful to one another. It's in their nature." Don't think its not being said somewhere behind closed doors. It's said everyday subliminally in the mainstream media. It seems like ages ago that I used to wear my backpack full of tapes, batteries and headphones pumping Pharcyde, Outkast, Tribe called Quest, and Redman on the bus everyday. I still pump the underground funk out of my trunk at 30 years old. I just don't always feel too good about it. We have gone from talking about who's better lyrically between Rakim and KRS One, to speaking about 50 Cent attacking everybody on his CD and who will Suge Knight set up once his probation is over. If I hadn't spent the last 20 years of my life nodding my head and feeding off the energy of this culture, I would write the entire genre off and listen to R&B. At least old school R&B doesn't make me feel immature and hopeless. In the spirit of Freaky Tah, Big L, Tupac, Biggie and the great Jam Master Jay........STOP THE BULLSHIT!

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