Monday, March 28, 2005

March Madness

Since I missed the whole tournament for the most part, I will just touch on the games this weekend..

Louisville 93 West Virginia 85
There was no way WV should have lost this game. They were in a zone from the three point line and still lost. I am not pulling for Louisville now. That team showed me allot of heart.

Illinois 90 Arizona 89
Since Arizona is my team away from home, I was upset about the end of this game. You can't be up by 12 with 2 minutes left and just give the game away. I guess you have to give Illinois some credit for not giving up even though I don't like them.

N. Carolina 88 Wisconsin 82
The heels just had too much talent for Wisconsin in the end. I still don't think they play up to their potential. Roy Williams is their coach so they should lose to Michigan St.

Michigan St. 94 Kentucky 88
The best game of the four was the one I didn't watch a minute of. I was pulling for Kentucky only for Tubby Smith to match Ric Pitino. Did anybody else notice that Sparks got fouled on that three pointer to tie the game?

So it's Louisville, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan St. For all the talk about the Big Ten being weak this year, I think we are looking at an all Big Ten final game Monday.

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