Monday, March 7, 2005

It's Monday Again

It's a Monday morning and I had a bad temper weekend. I am not going to dwell on anything that might have ticked me off. Instead I will just move on for the time being and focus on work and waisting time at work. It makes no sense to harp on the negative every minute. It's really foolish to do that especially when no one else involved gives a damn. Besides, I look too good today to be mad. Oh well.....On to other things.

The LSU women's basketball team has got to get over this mental block when they play Tennesee. They are more talented but Tennesee has beeen winning big for many years and they expect to win. You can watch the game from yesterday and see the edge they have is mental.

The Saints signed another old tackle that we will have to replace in two years.

I'm starting to think the Hornets should have gotten more than Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis for the Sissy Baron.

I curse the man who messed up the unsecured wireless connection at work and now I can't log on to messenger. May your hardrive have 12 viruses.

It's always strange when the biggest player in your group of friends starts going to to his lady friend's church and meeting her family. I feel like the end of an era is approaching.

It's a real strange feeling when I have a conversation with my younger brother and he starts making total sense. Either he is finally getting some maturity or I need to stop drinking. Maybe it's both.

I want to give props to Fat Joe and Nas for staying away from that 50 Cent beef propaganda. We don't need another all out war in hip hop right now. If we could just get Nelly to retire everything will be fine. No, I haven't gotten over the country music song.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman has been a success at the theater, is it ok to get the bootlegg now? What is the required length of time or amount of money a black movie should make before we bootlegg it? It only cost 5 million to produce so Tyler has his cash.

The Duke-North Carolina game might have been the best college game I have watched in a few years. Sean May is a beast inside and only looks about 12 years old in the face.

I didn't get to see
There Eyes Were Watching God last night. I love Oprah but don't really watch her movies. I have never gotten over Women of Brewster Place. Three days that set black men back 20 years.

Wrestling Note Only for Me:
I have thought long and hard about this and I know what the WWE needs for their product. They need a studio show. They simply have too many people on their roster that are not contributing and get no exposure on Raw or Smackdown. What better way to get younger, less established wrestlers over with the crowd before you put them on the two main shows. This would leave more room in the big shows for longer matches with top talent and give the younger guys a smaller stage to improve their ring performance and interview skills. Characters and storylines could slowly develop and pick up interest until they have enough steam to make primetime or a PPV. You can take Velocity and Bottom Line and tape them in a small studio arena like the old days. Every fan would love this. I know I miss the old Saturday morning and evening studio shows. These people really need to give me a job.

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