Monday, March 28, 2005

MC's I Hate

Daily Views, Pop Culture, Rants, and News: Hey You!! Put that Microphone Down!(A handful of the wackest MC's)

Inspired by the Humanity Critic, who's list is just dead one correct, I could not resist naming a few of the guys who should just step away from the mic. Make sure you click on the link and read his list first. While he states the obvious offenders, I am going to focus my list on a different kind of sucker MC. I am going to call out all the guys or girls who get love from mainstream radio and TV but really have no skills. These are the folks I think deserve to get put on blast. I won't mention Nelly and Chingy because everyone already knows how I feel about them.

Trina - Lets face it, if it wasn't for the fact that 75% of black males from 12-40 wanted to sleep with her, she would not have any career. There's no excuse for her being this famous while Bahamadia is somewhere working 9-5 in an office building. She better be working out daily to keep that figure or it's all over.

Drag on - People give him a pass because he has that Ruff Ryder chain around his neck. The guy has no flow. Juvenille stole the show from him on his first record. You are lucky if you can understand anything he is saying.

Baby, Da numba 1 Stunna - It's a shame that he had all that young talent at Cash Money and decided to take the spotlight for himself. You can do that when you actually have talent too. Here's Baby's whole attraction in a nutshell, he's ignorant, rich, spends money on stupid shit and can't talk. That's just the guy you want as a role model for an uneducated city like New Orleans. And yet, he's platinum everytime out.

The G-Unit except for Young Buck - Is it just me, or could you take every song from 50, LLoyd Banks and Game, mixed them up in a pile and couldn't tell the difference from one or the other.

Cassidy - This is who I would make a dis record for if I had a deal. I would just like to be the one to destroy his career.

Jermaine Dupri- Jermaine has allot of street cred and he did land Janet Jackson. However, please name me one pure classic hip hop song he was featured on as an MC. JD has got to find some more little kids to rob.

Foxy Brown - see Trina

Black Eyed Peas - I haven't seen it written anywhere so I guess I will do it. I saw the Peas open for Public Enemy about 6 years ago and I can honestly say that in that span of time there hasn't been another group that sold out the integrity of their music for commercial and pop success like the Black Eyed Peas. They used to tour with an acoustic band. Now, you can find them on every commercial for anything pimping themselves. It's one thing when you step into the game as a sellout. It's another when you have an underground following and abandon that audience to "Get it Started in Here". There dis record would be track 12 after Cassidy's.

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