Thursday, October 7, 2004

When Da MC's Came to Live Out Da Name

I am now going to sit here and list my top ten MC's off all time. Let me just say that I really don't care if no one agrees with me or not. This is my list on my blog and that makes it correct. Many people got removed and put back on several times. The criteria is simple, I have to be able to listen to your lyrics, feel your energy, and you have to say something that sounds like you put thought into it. You can be a member of a group and be listed by yourself. With that criteria in mind I give you my top ten from 10-1.

This was supposed to be the opening to my top ten list. You will not see a top ten list here. Lately I have been trying to rekindle my fire for hip hop and have been listening to lots of old and new material. I have realized that I can't make this list and hold it to only ten. I also can't decide who's number one. Ice Cube was always my favorite during my teens but lately his music has slipped. Tupac was my favorite in my early 20's. Mos Def is my favorite right now and KRS 1 is probably better than all of them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love too many MC's to rank them at all so for now we are scrapping that list.

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