Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Mental Stimulation

I'm at my desk this morning and the time seems to be flying by pretty fast. The weather is good and my body's feeling good from playing basketball. It's always good to come back with a real good day after a real bad one. I'm waiting on a big phone call that could change something so everybody keep their fingers crossed. Now onto other stuff......

Dick Cheney is one scary dude. I watched the debate last night and if you think I want him to be president if something happens to Bush you are crazy. If he is ever sworn in, a brother is going to need to learn to tap dance. He has mastered the art of looking so serious that even if it's proven that he lied it still looks honest.

There's a report out this morning that Saddam hasn't had any weapons programs since 1998. Shouldn't this be the winning report for John Kerry. It doesn't matter if he was given wrong information or not. Bush has to stand up and be accountable for telling lies to the American public to get support for a war that was his personal agenda. Stop sending Colin and Condelezza out there to do what you should be doing yourself.

Cheney mentioned during the debate last night that he didn't know black women had the highest rate of new AIDS cases in America. Shouldn't the second man in charge of the country know when a section of the population is getting a deadly disease at an alarming rate?

Message to ESPN.........Thanks for putting Mike and Mike on in the morning as a TV show but please get rid of Dream Job. I can't stand shows where you compete to win a job doing something other people have worked their asses off for years to get.

I want to send a special thanks to VH1 for making the hip hop history documentary. You actually included graffiti and breakdancing and gave those old pioneers a chance to get some shine on national TV. The first two episodes have been great and you guys dug up some nice footage of underground performances. Episode 2 with Run DMC made me kind of sad. You know they are never going to perform again since the Jam Master is deceased. Black on black crime is a bitch.

Note to Shell.........If Byron Scott doesn't want the personal trainers at practice then why in the hell did Baron Davis and Jamal Magloire bring them? You see why people are starting to hate NBA players.

I'm coming back this evening with my 10 mc's list. Also I am finally going to get rid of all my old and scratched CD's to start my collection all over again. That is sure to be an emotional experience. I'm outta here with a Rest in Peace to Rodney Dangerfield. You will finally get some respect.

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