Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hump Day

I'm still suffering from writer's block but I have a few things on my mind I want to put down.

I have got to stop drinking 10 cups of coffee a day. This is really not healthy.

I can't believe the Yankees are choking. Personally, I'm not pulling for either team when the World Series starts but Schilling pitched 7 innings on one good leg and the other one bleeding. You have to respect that even if you don't follow baseball. I personally wished neither one would have made it because they are going to dominate sports the whole week. The only good thing is that the two franchises really don't like another and that is always good entertainment.

Everybody keeps screaming get out the vote but if your state is pretty much decided in the race for president, your vote is just symbolic. The electoral college is the most outdated system.

I saw the Marlon Gusman commercial for sherriff last night. It has the family of Victor Gant's murdered girlfriend on it blaming Warren Riley for not protecting her. That is a serious commercial. They are basically saying Riley knew she was going to get killed and didn't do anything. If that's true, why would he run for office anyway. Also, I can't stand Marlon Gusman because he represents the old mind state or New Orleans politics. I guess I won't be voting for any of them.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't vote then you have no voice and nobody wins.