Monday, October 11, 2004

I got up Sunday morning and it was raining terribly. It was raining so bad that my girl and baby stayed home for this game because the weather was so bad. There was a wreck on the I-10 going west that made everyone exit before the high rise and fight redlights all the way through NO East. I had to go pick up two other people who had just got off from work that morning. Some genius decided to block off the dry parking under the interstate that's usually free and charge 10.00. I parked three blocks away and had to walk through a down pour just to get to the dome. When I got in the dome, I froze to death because nobody thought to turn the air conditioning down and everyone was wet. What I got to see for all my trouble was a team that can't follow directions, had bad play calling and takes entire quarters of the game off. I want some kind of acknowledgement from Haslett, Loomis, or somebody today.If they don't acknowledge the fans then acknowledge the fact that this team either needs better players or better coaches. Please don't say you played hard and it's the little things. Don't tell me about how this Tampa team is better than most people think. You couldn't stop Brian Griese, Charles Lee, Micheal Pittman and Ken Dilger. What in the hell is going to happen next week? I should have taken that money that I spent on three tickets and fixed my roof that just happened to start leaking this weekend from the 8 inches of rain. Maybe if I wasn't sitting in the dome watching Orlando Ruff let Ken Dilger look like John Mackie, I might have been able to keep my carpet from staining from the rain water. I hope to see all you guys at the Viking game to witness if Culpepper and company can top what Peyton did last year. This is what's going to be on the average fan's mind next year Tom Benson starts looking for those season ticket sales and trying to talk his way into a new stadium. On my way home yesterday, my cousin actually turned to me and said "it might be a good thing if they leave and get a fresh start" That's what happens when you keep giving fans the same bulls@! for four years straight and then acting like it's their fault that you can't get the job done.

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