Friday, October 1, 2004

Kerry vs. Bush Debate

It was about time John Kerry stood up and actually explained what it is he plans to do with Iraq and national security. I still wish he would have gotten into more detail. I thought he did a fairly decent job last night and he may have won it. It's hard for him to make certain comments because his voting record can always be used against him when it comes to the war. The fact that he voted for the use of force and is now criticizing it makes him look like he is flip flopping. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind after getting into a situation and seeing how things really are. This is what human beings do. The amazing thing about George Bush is that no matter what evidence or lack of evidence is exposed, he never backs down from the fact that he did the right thing. He can't at this point. If he did, he would ruin his legitimacy as commander in chief and lose the presidency in a landslide. I understand why Bush has to feel the way he does. My problem is with all the people in the country that agree with him. After all the evidence that the intelligence was faulty and no weapons of mass destruction being found can you still think that we did the right thing by going into this war. We should have used those troops in Afghanistan until we found Osama and got rid of the Taliban and Al Queda first. Then you could have dealt with Saddam, Iran, N. Korea or anybody else that you think is a threat to the country. George Bush is banking on all of those Americans with one track minds that can't decipher information for themselves to win this election. From the looks of it, there is allot of them out there.

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