Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thoughts from a Hot Office

I haven't been posting as much as I used to because I have actually been doing work at my desk. The air conditioning just came on again after being off all morning. Since my body is back to normal temperature. I can sit here and catch up on everything from the past week at one time.

  • If anybody reading this knows a way to kick a ten cup a day coffee addiction please let me know. I can't believe I drink this much coffee when I don't even have to get up that early like I used to.
  • How do you lose 400 tons of explosives in a war zone? Somebody has to start getting fired or demoted for this kind of stuff. It's no surprise that soldiers don't want to go on certain missions around Iraq. How come Bush never admits to any mistake? I honestly think he felt the war was the right move at the time he decided to go but now he can't possibly believe that everything we did was right.
  • Bush is up by over 20 points in Louisiana. Nevertheless, I have to vote or die like the slogan says. I just think it's totally ludicrous that a candidate can lose the popular vote and still be president. We have to get some other choices to vote for. There has to be enough unsatisfied people in this country to develop at least two more parties. Variety of choice is always a good thing.
  • How can a house be running as a meeting place for drug addicts for years in a working class neighborhood and nobody say nothing? It's even worse that the state representative lives right behind the house. I am ashamed of my old neighborhood. You can't complain when something happens if you have a drug club open in your block and never call the police to report it.
  • Every public school I went to in this city is failing and their scores are getting worse. It's amazing that I can type this post on my own. If we don't get this school thing working better, people are never coming home.
  • I watched and listened to Red Sox fans this morning and I must say that it was actually kind of heart warming. I know what it feels like to route for a losing team. The relief they must feel has to be great. I can only imagine what it will feel like to see the Saints lineup introduced at the SuperBowl. Of course, that probably won't happen until I am 95 and suffering from severe dementia so lets just forget it. I can almost picture my great grandchildren touching the rails of my hospital bed saying "great grandpa, wake up. They finally made it out of the second round of the playoffs" and my pacemaker exploding.

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