Monday, October 18, 2004

Blue Monday

Man I can't believe it's so hot outside. I thought it was supposed to be cool now. I'm tired of sweating.

I think it's time for everyone that is a fan of the Saints to admit the truth. The Saints offense has to play a perfect game in order for this team to win. Brooks threw and intercept but so did Culpepper. The difference is that the Vikings at least made us punt a few times while we let them do anything they wanted to on offense. This is the story of the season. We have no defense at all. We can't make a playoff run if we can't take away one thing from any team we play. I say we win about 4 more games and finish 6-10.

HOW IN THE HELL IS BUSH UP BY 8 POINTS. John Kerry is blowing it. I can't believe that the majority of Americans want to continue with four more years of the same thing.

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