Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Will Someone Please Call My Office Phone

I don't think there was much production in the work force today as millions of people found a way to watch the Michael Jackson memorial. I don't have any comments specifically about the memorial since I was one of the few people that chose not to watch it. It just wasn't my type of thing. This post is about a certain type of person that reared their ugly head today before, during and after the event. I'm talking about the person that yells out insane stories and ideas during a group discussion. Everybody knows someone like this. If you can't think of anyone that means you are probably the person. Let me explain what I am talking about.

So everyone is sitting at their desk today making sure their connection to whatever site they are watching the memorial on is working and naturally the topic of discussion is Michael Jackson. Everyone has their own space at our office but there are no doors or walls so we have group discussions sitting at our desk and everyone just yells out loud. Well that was happening during the Michael Jackson discussion when all of a sudden someone shouts out.

"Michael Jackson and Diana Ross have a love child being raised by Tupac in Cuba at Fidel Castro’s villa!"..........WHAT?

"Quincy Jones had a hit out on Michael Jackson's life because he wouldn't let him produce Thriller Part 2!"........What kind of bulls...is that?

"Jermaine Jackson is Usher's daddy but they kept it a secret so Joe Jackson wouldn't get mad!".............speechless

Now you have a dilemma. You really want to turn to the person and say shut your crazy ass up and stop reading foolishness on the internet but you can't because you have to work with them 8 hours a day. You can't try and debate it because then you will spend the next 20 minutes pulling up all kinds of bootleg gossip sites that are going to show up on your weblog at work and you don't feel like explaining that later. At that point your only chance to get out of this without hurting anyone's feelings is to send out a mental signal for someone to call your desk phone, or your cell phone. It would be nice if the FED-Ex came in with a delivery or the fire alarm starts going off. You just want something that could give you enough of a break in the conversation so it can die. Unfortunately none of that happened today because everyone was probably watching the same thing they were. The only thing that saved me from hearing the theory that Michael Jackson's kids sleep in underground chambers is my headphones and the Isley Brothers with a message for my coworker because she needed to be working instead of putting her crazy on display.

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