Monday, July 20, 2009

Everybody Needs Health Care Reform

I don't agree with President Obama 100% of the time on all his policies but he is right about health care reform and I hope he keeps at it until the public wakes up and understands. If American businesses are going to fully recover and add employees you have to do something about the cost of health care coverage. I have been following this debate over the last few days and I am wondering why we haven’t passed this kind of reform years ago. A major part of the opposition is the ideas that the government will take away your option to choose your own plan and you may not be able to keep the current plan that you already have. This issue is not about whether or not you can choose your own plan. This is about whether anyone can afford any plan if we don't do something. I am sure there are lots of people who love their current health care plan but how many of them are actually paying the full amount themselves? My health care plan isn't that bad but it seems like every six months the amount I pay gets higher. For medical and dental I pay about 65.00 a paycheck in deductions. That's 130.00 a month. Some employees pay less than that and some pay more but the one common denominator is that our employer is paying the majority of it for everyone. If they didn't pay the amount that they do I couldn't afford it on my own. I would be sitting in the emergency room with everyone else. I really appreciate the fact my employer covers the majority for me but I figure that's about five people we can't hire as long as the rates are what they are.

That's the job killer no one can see. Health care costs are killing companies in the country. Trying to pay benefits for everyone currently on payroll and retired is one of the things that sent GM to bankruptcy. I don't know what a public option for insurance is going to look like but there has to be something that makes the insurance companies stop going up on rates every year. If not the 45 million people that don't have insurance now is only going to get higher because companies will lay off more full time employees and replace them with part time people or temps so they don't have to cover those benefits. Just think about how much money a company can save by laying off 1000 full time employees. This health care problem is serious. People with different philosophies and views may have another idea or way to do it. I don't think that discussion is a bad thing as long as everyone can agree something needs to change. Anyone that thinks the current system is a good thing should have their head examined.

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K. said...

You got this right. It's a mystery to me why corporations don't demand universal health care. The absence of it was a major factor in the demise of GM.