Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please Take Our Governor

With the troubles of Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin's commitment issues, why isn't the Republican Party coming to Louisiana to take Bobby Jindal away and prepare him for his presidential campaign? He's everything they are looking for in a candidate. He's a Christian. He's young, smart, and intelligent. He's got a beautiful family and if I had to name the next politician to be caught up in any scandal involving infidelity he would be the last person I named. I feel confident in saying Bobby Jindal's name won't be in any scandalous stories. He's from the south and in national elections those states are going in the red column for sure especially when Barack Obama is the opponent. This is an area with Rush Limbaugh billboards and radio station that calls itself "Rush Radio". He should be able to talk the language of the base without any problems. Just like George Bush, he came into office with a budget surplus and no one is quite sure what happened to it.

What makes him the greatest hope of true conservatives is that he has the ability to cut budgets and veto anything that doesn't look good to him on paper. I don't care how many people testify and explain the need for it he won't be persuaded otherwise. You can find different ways and ideas to keep paying for something and he will still cut it if he's already convinced it makes sense financially. The people's money won't get spent on anything. People who were against the stimulus wouldn't have had anything to worry about with Governor Jindal as president. He would have cut taxes and waited for the economy to correct itself. We probably wouldn't have had any banks, credit, or auto companies. Whole cities and states would have gone under but there would have been no cries of socialism at all. Are you concerned about a public health care plan running up the deficit? There would be no need to fear with President Jindal because health care is his favorite victim. He's close half of the public hospitals in America if he had to before we went over budget. The only thing I am not sure about is his stance on national security. I don't think you have anything to worry about there. He's probably just like the other true conservatives and has no problem spending as much money as possible on defense. Did anyone see him in action when Hurricane Gustav was approaching the state? If a war broke out you would know where every regiment was, who they were about to attack and what time they were going to do it.

Isn't this the person you all have been waiting for? Don't hold that speech he made after the State of the Union against him. Please send Michael Steele or someone to convince Governor Jindal to step down immediately so he can focus on spreading his message outside of the state. Why should we be the only ones to experience true conservatism?

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