Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Weekend Vibe: Memories Of Mellow Moods

I would like to dedicate this song to all the folks who made slow jam tapes why listening to Papa Smurf's Mellow Moods on FM 98 radio in New Orleans. I remember sitting there for hours for Papa to play a certain song you wanted on a fresh 90 minute Maxwell cassette. You couldn't walk too far away because there wasn't a lead in to the song unless it was the first one after the commercial break. Everyone used to sit there for hours hitting the pause button off and on until the tape was full. It never failed that the song you really wanted to record used to always come on when you were at the end of the first side of the tape and you had to be good with your hands to take it out and turn it over to record the remainder of the song on the second side. It was that problem or Papa Smurf would start talking before the song was over and mess up your timing so you had to run back to the stereo and hit stop so his talking wouldn't mess up the vibe on your tape when you took it to your girl's house. Our high school nights were spent talking on the phone and making tapes from Mellow Moods. I remember those times when you would be on the phone a little too late trying to talk all smooth to some girl and all of a sudden someone's parent would pick up another phone in the house and be like " need to be telling him goodbye and taking your ass to sleep". That was one of the greatest mood killers of all time. Something’s Missing by The Boppers is a hood classic in New Orleans. It makes me want to meet my lil boo in front of Popeyes on Rampart and Canal so I can take her to the dollar show at the Loew’s State Theater. If our parents didn't know what time the first movie started and she’s not scary we can sneak into a second movie and watch two for a dollar. If she was willing to sneak into a third movie you let her wear your chain or your jacket because she was special.


suspect device said...

Great memories. I used to make tapes like that, although more on the rock n' roll trip; I'd record stuff from the college DJs, who would play six or seven songs in a row and then announce them all at the end, one time, so you had to either tape it or be quick to ID all those WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT moments.

Also remember listening to The Electrifyin' Mojo out of Detroit when Latin freestyle and Electro was on the rise. I'd keep that radio on while I drove around in the dark, delivering pizzas or drunk people (depending). It was like music from another world. I still remember pulling over and parking and listing to Newcleus - Jam On It for the first time, with my jaw in my lap.

beautyjackson said...

Boy, I remember practicing kissing on the back of my hand to some Papa Smurf.

K. said...

When I lived in Austin, I used to tape Paul Ray's "Twine Time." He played only original R&B and rock 45s. It was quite an education.

BTW, I see that Teena Marie has a new CD out called "Congo Square." I previewed it on iTunes and it sounded really good.

Neecha said...

BABBBBBBBBBBBBBY, you brought back the memories with this one! I'll be home soon and we going stand in front of what USE to be the Loew's State, and imma make sure I wear my bamboo earrings! LOL