Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sitting On My Porch Part Thirty

Rest in Peace Ms. Lilly. Some folks from my city didn't get a chance to come back home during their lifetime but they all find their way back in the end on the slow ride.

Wouldn't you know that at the start of a week when I felt a little down every insane friend I have called me with the most silly and unimportant conversation. That was just what I needed. This might sound crazy but you need friends that don't give a damn about anything but sharing a laugh with you. You need at least one person to learn hug and shed a tear or two and one to call and hear jokes that are in very bad taste. That's why I love them.

There will not be a new city hall in the Chevron building. The council voted it down by a 4-3 vote. The vote was split along racial lines but count me in the number that didn't like the idea. What happened to the idea of building a new city complex? I say we take that at least half of the money we were going to give to Chevron and send it straight to the NORD budget. I think is a good idea. Anything other than IT spending is a good idea.

Does everyone realize that since Barack Obama is going through so much to kiss up to the police officer that he said acted stupidly when Dr. Gates was arrested, he won't be taking another racial question for the rest of his first term? It's gonna have to be something like Rosewood before he ever takes the brothers' side again. He damn sure won't be addressing anything dealing with law enforcement. You know what means don't you? Reverend Al is back in business!

If that wasn't bad enough there are actually lawmakers in Washington D.C that are questioning whether or not the president is a citizen. This is really crazy to me. This is so crazy that I couldn't think of a good joke about it. How can people like this be allowed to hold office.

Sarah Palin officially stepped down this week because it wasn't fair to Alaskans for her to stay when she was doing other things. So she couldn't run Alaska to make speeches but there are people who actually think she could run two wars, a bad recession, health care reform etc..........American politics has jumped the shark.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have broken up. I will miss their relationship only because if you were trying to google pictures of her and got caught you could claim you were looking for his Saints highlights and she came up by mistake. It was just another reason to love #25. Now that's over and it's time to find Reggie a nice downtown girl who knows her grandmother's gumbo recipe and can make the bomb pot of Camellia red beans. Once we find Reggie a sister like this there is only two things that could happen. He's going to have a 3000 all purpose yard season or he's going to gain so much weight he ends up on the offensive line. Either way I am excited.

Last night I was watching Shaq on Monday Night RAW. I have never wanted to be any other person than Clifton Joseph Harris III. With that being said, every now and then you see someone and think to yourself; I wouldn't mind being that guy for a weekend just to see what it's like to live like that. I'm not sure how many people you should feel this way about but I will give you five for the sake of conversation. Lets go with Shaq, Diddy, Bear Grills shooting Man vs Wild, Prince on tour, and Buffie the Body's boyfriend. I think a weekend being any of these cats would not suck.

School is about to start again. The recovery schools in New Orleans will be going 50 days more than any other school. I'll say it...this is punishment for their parents not being able to get them accepted into a charter school. I would be pretty pissed if I had to stay in school 50 extra days while all my friends were outside laughing at me. I like the fact that all the schools have these detailed supply lists. Back when I was going to school in the city you could tell a lot about parental involvement by looking at what a kid brought to school the first day. There would always be that one kid with too much stuff. They would have a He Man backpack, a Trapper Keeper, a 64 box of crayons, a pencil sharpener, compass, protractor, and all kinds of other stuff we probably weren't going to use. His mama was just showing off. That same kid would be sitting right next to another kid that had nothing but three pieces of loose leaf paper and a number 2 pencil.

My people wrote this blog about how hip hop doesn't love her anymore. I couldn't give a counter argument after listening to the radio. All I can do is keep showing love to songs that don't fit the stereotype.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks. If you could explain to me why my boo Common is trying to poke my face, like, a reasonable argument, then maybe we can talk. (Please note, the actual act isn't at issue here, I just don't see why he had to tell everybody. I digress.)

Once I figure out whether or not Reggie is a cheater, I may invite him over for some Camellias, and whatnot. But that's only if I break up with Common, of course.

The school system, and city government as a whole, SHEESH. Whenever I talk about not coming home, this is the first place I go. I LOVE my people, but our city really doesn't love us, and it shows more and more.

The Gates thing is a pissing contest gone awry, and though I usually like the Prez's input, this is one he should have left alone.

Mark Folse said...

I hope Ms. Lilly gets a stone like my Mom's friend, who died in a BR nursing home, that says Victim of Katrina.

You're right about the President, but it's not just about racial things. There are 10s of millions of people, and some very influential things, would would rejoice at anything that brings him down regardless of its impact on the country. Their attitude is one that amounts to sabotage of any effective government They used to shoot you for sabotage during wartime. Just sayin'.

You know where my kids are but they start the week after we get back from vacation (but don't stay quite as long as the RSD kids. I have an RSD teacher for a neighbor and the kids in the school next to Jesuit were in almost until the end of June.

Summer, as we remember it, is going to be history soon and I know all the good reasons why but I'm glad my kids got theirs.