Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifteen

I brought some work home tonight and I had all intentions on doing it. On the way home I came to the realization that I was becoming the happy go lucky push over in the office that everybody tries to mess over. I have always hated that guy and now I am him. Needless to say no work got done. I chose to drink a few cocktails and watch the debate.

I have never watched a vice-presidential debate before because in the scheme of things they never really matter. Sarah Palin has drawn me into this one because I have to see how she does. I can’t think of another person with this much pressure on them for one event. For the media coverage she got the last two weeks, I think she is doing a respectable job. I expected her to start crying by now. You can’t expect her to know as many details as Joe Biden. He was in Washington before I was born.

We just passed a 700 billion dollar bailout and no one got fired or forced to resign. No one is allowed to talk about poor people getting over on the government for at least five years.

If Katie Couric was black and did to Barak Obama’s reputation what she did to Sarah Palin’s she would have had to move to an undisclosed location and change her name.

I would like to officially endorse the city charter change in the election this weekend concerning the Inspector General’s office. We need that kind of thing even though many influential people will be pissed off early in the process.

Kids can’t buy liquor and they can’t buy cigarettes. That’s a good thing. I drive to the city everyday in the morning and afternoon. If a 13 year old girl can wear a school uniform that is so tight and so small you can see every curve of her body and her belly button ring, you might as well let her get a pack of Newport’s and a fifth of Crown Royal because there can’t be nothing more dangerous to her health than aroused teenage boys with no self control.

I want to go to some high school football games but my ear to the street is not what it used to be. I am certain there is no one looking to do me anything but what if I make a mistake and sit down next to the new downtown kingpin?

I would never tell anyone who to vote for because everyone has to vote on their own beliefs and circumstances. However, this candidate has a link to my blog on her page. That means she has to be brilliant right? If I was in her district she would get strong consideration from me.

This clip is an excellent way to get through a rough work day with some extra energy.


Anonymous said...

you might as well let her get a pack of Newport’s and a fifth of Crown Royal because there can’t be nothing more dangerous to her health than aroused teenage boys with no self control.

HA! i don't know what some of these folks are thinking.

Another Conflict Theorist said...

Peace Cliff,

I HAVE to respond to your comments about Sarah Palin. For some reason, everyone keeps putting her in the role of the Victim - a bright eyed political novice who was taken advantage of by a calculating, bias liberal media. The fact is that Sarah Palin was asked some very basic softball questions and didn't have the ability to even pretend that she knew the answers. This chick is singularly unqualified for the Vice Presidency. Why don't these right-winged opponents of affirmative action have a problem with someone who was CLEARLY chosen only because she's a woman? Shit is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I can not agree more with the last comment. I think all the winking and flirting set women back a hundred years. Can someone please tell me if they know any joe-six packs? T.

Leigh C. said...

Sarah Palin is only out there for her sorry-ass self. It's putting ALL women with brains and real ambitions back about a thousand steps. It's a woman's version of this:

Pisses me off to no end.

BLESSD1 said...

LMAO @ the Katie Couric comment. Hell, Katie may still have to get into the Witness Protection Program after her Palin interview(s).